The first instalment in a new documentary series, ‘Doctor on Display‘ is officially available today! This new series from Reeltime Pictures, and produced by prolific filmmaker Keith Barnfather, tells the stories behind Doctor Who exhibitions.

Those lucky enough to attend Reeltime’s ‘Myth Makers Live‘ or the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s ‘The Capitol‘ events will already have had an opportunity to pick up their copy of Doctor on Display. Now the title is officially available for purchase online at Further releases will focus on the Longleat, Llangollen, Blackpool 1 and Blackpool 2. The first instalment however focuses on an independent exhibition. One which is not only currently open but thriving…

Doctor on Display: The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi – DVDs (c) Bedwyr Gullidge

Doctor on Display: The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi

Showcased in the first part of this five part documentary series is The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi. Featuring an in-depth interview with museum curator Neil Cole the documentary tells the story behind the museums creation. It is an extraordinary tale. From the initial restoration of a dilapidated cellar, to a dispute with the county council. The original grand opening to the equally grand reopening following the coronavirus pandemic. Incredible monster restorations. All these subjects are covered in this wonderful new documentary feature.

Presented by Doctor Who actor Sophie Aldred the new documentary features brand new interviews with David J Howe, Alex Storer, John Collier and even BlogtorWho’s own resident exhibitions expert Bedwyr Gullidge. Doctor on Display: The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi is directed by Roger Christopher Stevens and produced by Keith Barnfather.

Doctor on Display: The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi – DVD cover (c) Reeltime Pictures


IN THE EARLY 1970s, the BBC decided to launch a series of exhibitions featuring monsters and props from DOCTOR WHO.

Over the next three decades, untold thousands of children (and adults too!) were thrilled by a mix of innovative, exciting and stunning extravaganzas!

For many fans, these exhibitions were their first and only real cahnce to get close-up to their favourite TV programme… and the memories they share in this unique documentary series are bound together by interviews with experts and people who actually worked at them!

Here’s your chance to experience the DOCTOR ON DISPLAY!

The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi is, in many ways, a personal tribute by NEIL COLE to the halcyon days of science fiction on film and TV. Built in his basement under a Georgian house in the sleepy village of Allendale in Northumberland, it’s an unlikely home for one of the most incredible modern-day exhibitions of DOCTOR WHO props and monsters – many of which came from older exhibitions and had been saved from destruction! The museum re-opened in 2021 after extensive restoration work and we tell the story of that opening… and the incredible journey that let to that memorable day.

Doctor on Display is available for purchase on DVD in PAL and NTSC for £11.50. It is also available to download and to stream. Visit


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