Out now from Adventures on Earth Productions in both physical and ebook formats, Defending Earth is a new unofficial anthology raising funds for the Cancer Research Institute

Focusing on Doctor Who character Sarah Jane Smith, Defending Earth gathers together tales from across her life – from her childhood to her travels with the Doctor, to life on Bannerman Road and all points in between. All proceeds will go to the Cancer Research Institute in memory of the actor Elisabeth Sladen. As the woman who breathed life into one of the most popular Doctor Who companions ever, Sladen is close to the heart of fandom. Having also bewitched an entirely new generation in The Sarah Jane Adventures she died tragically young of cancer in 2011.

Curated by mystery author M.H. Norris, Defending Earth collects stories from the likes of Kara Dennison, Sophie Iles, Tina Marie DeLucia and many more.

The complete list of stories and contributors can also be revealed as:

  • The Sparks by Kara Dennison
  • Swinging Londons by Jon Black
  • Flow by Niki Haringsma
  • Cuckoo Clocks that Work by James Macronas
  • The Name of Universes by James Bojaciuk
  • Sarah Jane in an Exciting Adventure with the Fauxes by Anna Maloney
  • Sarah Jane, Superstar! by Joshua Wanisko and Lillian Wanisko
  • Little Girl Lost by Tina Marie DeLucia
  • The Interstellar and the Improbable by Scarlett Ward
  • When the Stars Come to Man by William J Martin
  • Gifts for Good by MH Norris
  • The Circles of Drel by Harry King
  • Sarah Jane & the Bristolian Vault by Sophie Iles
  • Full Circle by MH Norris

As well as her story, the cover is also by favorite fan artist Sophie Iles. Defending Earth: An Unofficial Sarah Jane Charity Anthology can be ordered in both physical and virtual form directly from the Defending Earth site. Order your copy today to receive new adventures for one of the most beloved figures in all of Doctor Who.

Defending Earth: An Unofficial Sarah Jane Smith Charity Anthology.

Sarah Jane Smith is perhaps one of Earth’s greatest defenders. Some grew up watching her adventures alongside two different Doctors, others met her in the revived series, and others fell in love with her when she returned with her own spin-off. Throughout it all, Sarah Jane Smith has stood for justice, for truth, and for the defence of the innocence. From her childhood to her time with both the Third and Fourth Doctors, to the Wilderness Years, to The Sarah Jane Adventures and beyond, all periods of her life are featured in this collection!

Proceeds will go to the Cancer Research Institute. They are dedicated to harnessing our immune system’s power to control and potentially cure all types of cancer. They fund the most innovative clinical and laboratory research across the world, support the next generation of the field’s leaders, and serve as the trusted source of information on immunotherapy for cancer patients and their caregivers. Their scientific director, Dr James P. Allison, won the 2018 Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine, showing the advancements the CRI has achieved.


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