The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC
The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Sky: Part One

First Broadcast October 3rd 2011 @ 5.20pm (0.53m viewers)

It was with great sadness that the Fifth and final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures began on the CBBC channel. A few months had passed since Elisabeth Sladen’s passing in April 2011 and ‘Sky’ marked the broadcast of her final three performances as intrepid journalist and defender of the Earth, Sarah Jane Smith. Three stories for this Fifth series had been recorded in 2010 following the production of Series 4. Sadly the remainder of Series 5 was never to be completed.

Sky (Sinead Michael) - The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC
Sky (Sinead Michael) – The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC

Kicking off Series 5 this story introduced a new younger character to join the Bannerman Road group. With Luke having left for university in ‘The Nightmare Man’ the opportunity was taken to introduce a similar character. Deliberately younger, to appeal to the similarly aged members of the audience, the girl would also be adopted by Sarah Jane Smith. Titled ‘Sky’ after the new character, the story begins with a mysterious delivery…

Memorable Moment (Spoiler Warning)

Using a device seen in a number of movies and sadly in newspapers for decades, Sarah Jane Smith is awoken in the early hours to discover a baby on her doorstep. It was originally intended that Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor would be revealed as the person responsible. However, his commitments on the Doctor Who special ‘A Christmas Carol’ prevented this from happening. There’s no doubt though that Sarah is the perfect candidate to protect the child. Despite her frankly perilous pastime saving the world, her ability to keep her younger friends safe throughout made the character adored by a new generation of fans.

Sky - Sinead Michael - The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC
Sky – Sinead Michael – The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC

The parallels between Sky and Luke are pretty blatant. ‘Invasion of the Bane’ and ‘Sky’ both feature dominant villainesses using a young child as a weapon. The child is rescued from that fate and becomes a Smith. It was effective before so why change a winning formula? No need at all. ‘Sky’ therefore successfully introduces the new member of the team, bringing a freshness to the group dynamic and reinvigorating a show entering it’s Fifth series.


Sarah Jane Smith – Elisabeth Sladen
Luke Smith – Tommy Knight
Clyde Langer – Daniel Anthony
Rani Chandra – Anjli Mohindra
Gita Chandra – Mina Anwar
Haresh Chandra – Ace Bhatti
Mr Smith – Alexander Armstrong
Miss Myers – Christine Stephen-Daly
Caleb – Gavin Brocker
The Metalkind – Paul Kasey
Sky – Sinead Michael
Professor Rivers – Floella Benjamin
Hugo – Peter-Hugo Daly
Voice of Metalkind – Will McLeod
Baby Sky-  Chloe Savage, Ella Savage, Amber Donaldson, Scarlet Donaldson


Producer – Brian Minchin
Director – Ashley Way
Writer – Phil Ford

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