The Power of the Daleks: Episode Six

First Broadcast December 10th, 1966 @ 5.50pm (7.8m viewers)

Much has been written about ‘The Power of the Daleks’ in recent weeks as a brand new animation has allowed viewers to revisit the previously lost classic. 50 years ago today the original and only UK broadcast of the story reached its dramatic climax. Thanks to the newly released DVD we can now watch a presentation of the final instalment. One thing, in particular, stood out for me during this episode. It’s a freaking bloodbath!

Fans who remember such things have often spoken highly about ‘The Power of the Daleks’ and you can see why. Modern representations of the Skarosian terrors are quite mild in comparison to these Daleks. They are cold and calculating throughout the story but the final episode sees a different side of them, one which is not visited too often. The Daleks are brutal and vicious killers. It’s pretty horrifying stuff.

Doctor Who - Power of the Daleks (c) BBC
Doctor Who – Power of the Daleks (c) BBC

Memorable Moment (Spoiler Warning)

Sections of the episode play out against machine gun fire and Dalek weaponry. Hiding out in Lesterson’s laboratory, The Doctor and his companions hear the dying screams of the humans outside. Polly is particularly distressed and it is difficult for the viewer not to be horrified as well. There are just shots of corpses littering the corridors. Colonists. Rebels. Guards. All of them have been exterminated by the Daleks. Slaughtered. Appropriately this demonstrates the real power of the Daleks.

Most of the appeal of ‘The Power of the Daleks’ is portioned towards the layered storytelling. Bragen is a perfect example. His desire for power and control of the colony quickly unravels. When he demonstrates his own paranoia, ordering the deaths of the rebels, it reveals an additional depth to the character. Having thought so hard to get into the Governor’s chair Bragen doesn’t move from it. Even Janley tries to defeat him. Unfortunately placing her faith in the Daleks saving them proves catastrophic. Although The Doctor does manage to combat the Daleks it doesn’t feel like a victory.

Doctor Who - Power of the Daleks (c) BBC
Doctor Who – Power of the Daleks (c) BBC

Memorable Moment 2 (Spoiler Warning)

Of the limited footage that does still exist from the story, some of it captures the spectacular destruction of the Daleks. Only a short few seconds remain but they show some hugely impressive explosions of Daleks.


The Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Ben Jackson – Michael Craze
Polly – Anneke Wills
Bragen – Bernard Archard
Dalek – Gerald Taylor
Dalek – Kevin Manser
Dalek – Robert Jewell
Dalek – John Scott Martin
Dalek Voices – Peter Hawkins
Guard – Peter Forbes-Robertson
Guard – Robert Russell
Guard – Robert Luckham
Hensell – Peter Bathurst
Janley – Pamela Ann Davy
Kebble – Steven Scott
Lesterson – Robert James
Quinn – Nicholas Hawtrey
Resno – Edward Kelsey
The Examiner – Martin King
Valmar – Richard Kane


Director – Christopher Barry
Producer – Innes Lloyd
Writer – David Whitaker

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