There is a long history in Doctor Who of Lost Adventures and missing stories. From the Hartnell and Troughton era stories that were wiped from video to the many scripts that simply never made it to the screen. Douglas Adams had many ideas that never made it to the screen in Doctor Who. One of those, namely Doctor Who and the Krikket Men, has now been adapted into a novel by James Goss.

This follows his brilliant adaptations of City of Death and The Pirate Planet, which both showed that Goss has a flair for capturing Adams’ unique voice.

‘Doctor Who and The Krikkit Men’ is something of a different beast than the other adaptations though. This is a rejected pitch that Adams had done for the program during his time on the show. The other stories all had some sort of a life. Shada, despite not making it to television was a full script that was mostly shot and is well known, and loved, by fans. The Krikkit Men only has notes and a treatment, finding the right balance as this is less of an adaptation and more of a first writing.

Despite being rejected, Krikkit Men is said to be the origins of Adams third Hitchhikers novel, ‘ Life, the Universe and Everything’. So, if you had any doubts that this may not be a worthwhile story, please reconsider. What may not work on Television, especially back in the 1970’s, doesn’t mean it can’t be a great book. Adams certainly proved that with his retooling of the story and now Goss is about to remind us with his take.

Doctor Who and the Krikkit Men is out now in the UK

And will be released 27 February in the US.




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