North America, we have a Doctor Who treat in the form of the ‘The Complete Capaldi Years’ coming soon!

How soon? Right away soon! February 13th sees the release of this 14 disc set titled, ‘The Complete Capaldi Years’, which contains all of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as The Doctor. From ‘Deep Breath’ to the recently released ‘Twice Upon A Time’, this set has it all!

It even seems as though the 50th anniversary special, ‘Day Of The Doctor’, will be included. It was a quick glimpse of those legendary eye brows, so if it doesn’t make the cut it may not be a surprise. However, this set does boast every episode, so fingers crossed and expectations are up.


This is only available in Blu-ray, sorry DVD collectors, but it does come with some great special features. First, all of the originally released bonus features are included. Second, we have some new features including, the deleted scenes for series eight, the 2017 Doctor Who Comic Con Panel from San Diego, the Finale Concert, ‘The End of an Era’ and to really complete this, another episode, ‘The Fires of Pompeii’!

UK citizens wondering where the region 2 version of this set may be, the BBC Shop has mentioned that a version with different packaging may be on the way. Still no word on when, and nothing confirmed, but we’ll be sure to post about it when details emerge.

Complete Capaldi Years
Complete Capaldi Years

Purchase Details

In the meantime, North Americans, let’s revel in the onetime something Doctor Who related is released here first! You can pre-order you copy today! The regular retail price is $148.99 but you can follow the Amazon link below to pre-order you copy now.


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