Fantastic! You can now read an original draft of The Day of the Doctor starring Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor in a new collection released for charity.

It’s no secret that the original version of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special starred the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. However, when Christopher Eccleston declined to reprise the role, Steven Moffat went back to the drawing board to rewrite the episode. Of course, we got John Hurt’s wonderful War Doctor as a result, but fans still wondered. What would The Day of the Doctor have been like with the Ninth Doctor? Well… wonder no more!

In the name of a good cause, the draft Ninth Doctor script by Steven Moffat is now available in A Second Target for Tommy. This collection is in honour of Tommy Donbavand, a writer who successfully overcame throat cancer but is now sadly suffering from a tumour in his lung. In 2016, the reading community rallied round for the original A Target for Tommy, a collection of Doctor Who short stories. Now, they have decided to release a sequel.

As well as Steven Moffat’s contribution, the collection contains stories from over two dozen writers. Every penny of profit raised goes towards supporting Tommy while he works on making a full recovery. At the moment there are no plans for an ebook version of the book, and the paperback version is likely to be very popular. If you want to help out this worthwhile cause, we urge you to order your copy!

A Second Target for Tommy is available from for £15.95.


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