1. I’ve been a massive fan of Dr Who since it first started in 1963, and I’m sad to say that in this series the stories don’t live up to expectations and are less than impressive. Given the storylines we’ve seen – I’m not overwhelmed – hopefully things will improve for the next series?
    I love Jodie Whittaker as the Dr, and her companions are, as ever, a interesting bunch. Bradley Walsh is particularly impressive as Graham, whose relationship with Ryan adds a lovely touch, both of pathos and of generational conflict. It will be good to see how it develops.
    Yaz’s role is, as yet, somewhat under utilised – it would be nice to see more involvement of her character.

    A 10 episode series still seems a bit short – and having to wait until 2020 for series 12 is disappointing. I hope the story lines will improve, and we have more episodes in upcoming series.

    • Thank you very much for the comment. I appreciate the considered and well-thought opinion. I agree with your sentiments as you will see in my post later this week. Your thoughts are valid and accurate – an intelligent criticism of the show and a breath of fresh air. What we and others tend to receive are bullying and derogatory comments – ie the continued repetition of PC gone mad, the NotMyDoctor, insulting the showrunner, etc. The playground tiff is really sad to see. Especially from Doctor Who fans.

      P.S. Looks like I’ve found one of those rare people who’s watched the show longer than I have. I can only claim 1965 onward. And even with that, the first 5 years are sketchy at best.


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