Filming continues on the next series of Doctor Who due to be broadcast in 2010. Included here are some excellent pics of Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Big thanks to Scooty and you can see more of today’s shoot HERE. You can also visit the next series section HERE.


  1. Ya know, the more I see Matt and Karen together with the Tardis, the more iconic the visual of the two of them become.

  2. I hope to god she wears that skirt ALL season.

    Loving the new Tardis (inside and out) and the more I see them as The Doctor and companion, the more I think I'm going to like them both.

  3. Got to admit Matt Smith is looking good as the Doctor. Hopefully the team get away from the slush that the old team were tunring Who into. Love RTD and I really do, but the series needs to scare viewers much more with genuine chills otherwise it will get tiresome.


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