MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN were snapped earlier today filming the next series of DOCTOR WHO. This episode, featuring The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, is the first of 2010. Click on the pics for bigger versions. See more pictures from the filming on the next series HERE.



  1. Are you saying this is from the regeneration episode when you say "first of 2010?

    If so, she's got to be one of the hottest police officers I've seen in a while. 😛

    Great pics!

  2. Ah, just to clarify – these are from the first episode of the next series in 2010.

    Not the regeneration episode which is set to air Jan 1, 2010.

    If she is an officer, I wonder if she'll take down his particulars….?

  3. Actually, *I* should clarify. That's what I meant. The one where the new Doctor deals with the regeneration that happens in Tenant's final episode.

    Sorry for being unclear.

    And yes, I'd definitely give her my particulars. 🙂

  4. hmm smith is really starting to grow on me ;P
    its just amy pond im not really liking.
    looks like a useless bimbo to me. plus apparently her brief performance in the fires of Pompeii was rubbish. im not expecting to like her much. which is a shame.

  5. I have a theory that the old TARDIS has been completely destroyed by The Master thereby forcing the Doctor to regenerate. The Time lords (Tim Dalton 007) give the regenerated Doctor a new TARDIS and that the Ice -Cream van and a red telephone box are two shapes the TARDIS takes on before settling on Bill Hartnell's first Dixon of Dock Green police box. Oh, and the interior as revealed is a red herring. It has to be.

  6. If they do kill off the TARDIS and bring in a new one i will stop watching. Seriously. I am the biggest fan of doctor who but if it is killed off, i will just leave and watch heroes or something.


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