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NEWS – Xmas & 2009 Specials

As revealed here last Saturday, DWM 398 has confirmed that the GRASKE will appearing the upcoming PROMS CUTAWAY. Pictured above is a scene from this special episode. Also detailed in the issue is some info on this year’s Christmas Day episode, the following 2009 Specials and THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES. Here’s a breakdown:

• 2008 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: According to RTD, the title is a “giveaway” and is three words long. The “gothic Cyber~chiller” stars DAVID MORRISSEY and DERVLA KIRWAN and has a running time of 60 minutes. For more info and pictures from the special, click HERE.

• 2009 SPECIALS: Next year there will be 4 specials. Two are written solely by RTD, one is co~written with PHIL FORD and the other with GARETH ROBERTS. No transmission dates were given.

• THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES: As reported HERE a couple of weeks ago, The Brigadier, as played by NICHOLAS COURTNEY, returns to help out Sarah Jane Smith. For more info on the spin~off series, click HERE.



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