Even when you think it’s all quiet regarding Doctor Who news there is so much to discuss and find out about. Here’s just a few of the recent Doctor Who stories you may have missed in our news round-up.

Russel T Davies’ first choice for Doctor Who

A Very English Scandal, the new BBC drama written by Russell T Davies, is coming soon to our screens airing on BBC One at 9pm on the 20th May. The promotional machine has been kicking in regarding the drama and there have been plenty of interviews, including one with Russell T Davies where he discusses his first choice for who he wanted in the role of Doctor Who when it was rebooted in 2005.

In fact, he declares he offered the role to Hugh Grant via his agent. Grant had previously been the Doctor in the Steven Moffat penned comic relief special The Curse of the Fatal Death.

Eccleston was eventually cast in the role and it is difficult to imagine anyone else in that series. But, for a brief moment, it could have been Hugh Grant.

Peter Capaldi cast in Armando Ianucci’s David Copperfield

Many viewers are already missing Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, but he’s an actor lucky enough to have another iconic role in his career. Throughout his time in Docotr Who he was always asked if he would work with Armando Ianucci again and reprise his role as Malcolm Tucker. Now, one of those events has occured and Peter Capaldi will be working with Armando Ianucci again. Suprisingly they will be working together on a feature length Charles Dickens adaptation of David Copperfield.

Capaldi has been cast as Mr Micawber, who is Copperfield’s landlord until dire circumstances change his life.

The new “David Copperfield” adaptation, from FilmNation Entertainment, stars Dev Patel in the lead role. Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie, Aneurin Barnard, Ben Whishaw, Morfydd Clark, Anthony Welsh and Rosalind Eleazar were previously announced to have joined the cast in April.

David Tennant to appear on the Graham Norton Show

Great news for fans of the Tenth Doctor. David Tennant is to appear on tonights Graham Norton show. The big question is with so many projects on the go which one will he be promoting. There’s his upcoming film Bad Samaritan or new TV projects Good Omens and Camping. We’re sure there will be mention of his time as the Doctor too. So tune in at 10:35pm on BBC one to find out.




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