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NEWS: Rachel Talalay to direct 2017 Christmas special

Rachel Talalay, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman - On set Doctor Who series 9 (c) BBC

Over the weekend Steven Moffat appeared at a Sherlock convention in the US. During a panel session he mentioned that Rachel Talalay will be directing the Doctor Who Christmas Special for 2017. This episode is expected to be Peter Capaldi’s final appearance as the Twelfth Doctor. Viewers will also potentially see the debut of the Doctor’s Thirteenth incarnation. It will also be Steven Moffat’s last script as show runner and Executive Producer. Talalay later also confirmed the news on her Twitter account:

Rachel Talalay has directed a number of Doctor Who episodes since Peter Capaldi’s debut series in 2014. She has been charged with all three series finales involving the Twelfth Doctor. Beginning with ‘Dark Water’ and ‘Death in Heaven’ (2014) Talalay directed the returning Cybermen and Michelle Gomez’s Missy. The following year she took the helm of the critically acclaimed ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘Hell Bent’ which saw Jenna Coleman depart the show. Once again she has been tasked with bringing the Doctor Who series finale to the screen in 2017. ‘World Enough and Time’ and ‘The Doctor Falls’ are mere weeks away and are expected to bring Series 10 to a dramatic climax. Perhaps her appointment as Director on the Christmas special alludes to the requirement for continuity between the two episodes?

Peter Capaldi and Rachael Talalay on set of Doctor Who (c) BBC
Peter Capaldi and Rachael Talalay on set of Doctor Who (c) BBC

Outside of the Doctor Who universe Rachel Talalay’s career has included involvement in the original six Nightmare on Elm Street movies, culminating in directing ‘Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare‘ in 1991. She has also directed cult movie ‘Tank Girl‘ and episodes of US shows including ‘Supergirl‘, ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ and ‘The Flash‘. Last year Talalay also directed the Sherlock episode ‘The Six Thatchers’, transmitted New Years Day 2017. With Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat both bowing out from Doctor Who with the 2017 Christmas Special it feels appropriate that someone with the experience of Rachel Talalay will be directing the tale.

Preparations for filming on the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special are currently underway and BlogtorWho will bring you news on this momentous episode as more details are announced.



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