As Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Mark Gattis, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas and Michelle Gomez all gather at San Diego Comic Con 2017 for the Doctor Who panel the first piece of information about this year’s Christmas Special has been revealed. In an interview actor and writer Mark Gatiss confirmed that he will be appearing during the as yet untitled special.

In a Facebook Live interview with Empire’s Chris Hewitt, Moffat, Capaldi and Gatiss discussed a number of topics including the 2017 Christmas special. Steven Moffat stated that the episode is currently being edited. It was also mentioned that Mark Gatiss will be appearing in the story but his character’s identity was not divulged. Gatiss described his involvement as a “privilege, an honour and a thrill.” Peter Capaldi added that Gatiss delivers a wonderful performance. The outgoing Twelfth Doctor also teased that Gatiss’ character is “a resonant echo in the whole Doctor Who story.”

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song- Gantok (Mark Gatiss) (c) BBC

Mark Gatiss has written several Doctor Who episodes, including ‘Empress of Mars’ for Series 10. Onscreen he has previously played Dr Lazarus in ‘The Lazarus Experiment’ and Gantok in ‘The Wedding of River Song’. This part will therefore be his third onscreen appearance in Doctor Who. Technically it may even be his fourth role. Gatiss was also ‘Danny Boy’ in ‘Victory of the Daleks’ and ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ but went uncredited.

The Christmas Special will of course be the final episodes for Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi. With the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic Con to follow later more information about this momentous finale is expected to be revealed…

The full interview from Empire Magazine can be found following the link below:


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