Keeping Faith, an 8-Part Welsh thriller featuring Eve Myles, is now airing on BBC One nationwide.

Keeping Faith was first broadcast in Wales from November 5th 2017 until the 24th of December 2017. This was filmed entirely in Welsh, and was titled: Un Bore Mercher (english translation: One Wednesday Morning). The English version, Keeping Faith, was broadcast on the 13th of February 2018, however this was limited once again to BBC Wales.

After becoming the most downloaded non-network show on BBC iPlayer, with over 9.5 million downloads, it was announced that Keeping Faith would be broadcast nationwide. Keeping Faith has become the most popular show on BBC Wales in over 25 years, gaining a staggering average viewing count of 300,000 viewers per episode.

Keeping Faith was filmed both in English and in Welsh, a language that lead actress Eve Myles couldn’t speak a word of despite being raised on Powys, Wales. Myles declined the role four times before she finally accepted, calling it an “impossible challenge that I had to take”. Both her family and agent considered Myles to be out of her depth, however tasked with four months to learn the language she managed it through endurance and commitment. It later transpired that the producers of Keeping Faith had cast Myles’ real-life husband to play her husband on screen, Bradley Freegard.

Keeping Faith is a co-production between S4C and BBC wales, and each scripted scene was recorded twice, both in English and Welsh. Additionally, it has been confirmed by the Head of Commissioning in BBC Wales, Nick Andrews, that a second series of Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher will be going ahead following the exceptional response from viewers.

You can catch the first episode of Keeping Faith on BBC iPlayer now, with the following episodes airing weekly at 9PM on BBC One

Keeping Faith

Lawyer, wife and mother Faith Howells is drawn into a mystery when her husband and business partner Evan disappears. He leaves for work but never arrives. His sudden absence strikes deep into the heart of his tiny Welsh community and forces Faith to come back from extended maternity leave to defend a hopeless vagrant accused of shoplifting. As an increasingly desperate Faith searches for clues, she uncovers new revelations about Evan’s private life and questions how well she really knows the man she loves.

(Artwork by Thomas Chapman)


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