DoctorWho.TV, The official BBC Studios Doctor Who website, has regenerated, and it looks Fantastic!!

In a project managed by Christel Dee, has regenerated to accommodate the new branding of the current Doctor Who era.  Gone are the png photographs of the Doctors, companions and villains, instead they have been replaced by some truly amazing imagery created by Lee Binding and Tom Webster specifically for the site. Tom Webster designed the companion and monster images, and Lee Binding designed the Doctor images. Both of these designers are well-known fans as have created equally stellar works within other Doctor Who medium.

Jo Grant doctorwhotv
Jo Grant Imagery by Tom Webster

There is also a new shop full of amazing merchandise. A personalised section helps you create the perfect gift for a loved one. There are mugs, coasters, art prints, door plaques, lunch boxes, key rings, shirts and much much more. A huge variety to chose from.

personalised doctorwhotv
Personalised Placemat, Available/Customisable from

The shop also offers several custom art prints, making it a great place for Whovians to spend their money. You can also find a variety of tote bags and homeware.

Christel, Lee, Tom and the rest of the DoctorWho.TV have rejuvenated the website and turned it into an amazing hub for Doctor Who fans to come to.

Don’t take our word for it visit yourself.


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