Earlier today Character Options unveiled which Doctor Who sets will be released in 2019. These will be available from UK B&M stores later this summer. If you haven’t seen the full YouTube video yet it is available below.

Al Dewar has officially announced via YouTube which Doctor Who figure sets will be gracing the shelves in 2019. They are:

  • Fourth Doctor and TARDIS from ‘Shada
  • Fifth Doctor and TARDIS from ‘The Caves of Andozani
  • Seventh Doctor with Cyberleader and Cyberman from ‘Silver Nemesis
  • Second Doctor, Peri and Sontaran Stike from ‘The Two Doctors
  • Harry Sullivan and Sontaran Styre from ‘The Sontaran Experiment‘ with Sontaran Linx from ‘The Time Warrior
  • The Seventh Doctor and Axis Strike Squad Dalek from ‘Gallifrey VI
  • The Eighth Doctor and Dalek Interrogator Prime from ‘Dark Eyes
  • The War Doctor and Dalek Scientist from ‘The War Doctor‘ audio adventures


Fourth Doctor and TARDIS from Shada (c) Character Options

From ‘Shada‘ The Fourth Doctor is comes with pirate boots and an opened collar shirt in a new variant. He will be accompanied by the TARDIS with a distinctive colouration to the windows and new lamp.

Fifth Doctor and TARDIS from The Caves of Androzani (c) Character Options

The Fifth Doctor and his TARDIS are appropriately muddied by their exploits at the conclusion of ‘The Caves of Androzani‘.

Trio packs

Seventh Doctor and Cyber Leader (c) Character Options

Alongside a new variant of the Seventh Doctor with a lighter cream outer coat, are two Cybermen from ‘Silver Nemesis‘, complete with weapons. Attempts have been made to make the silver even more silver to match the shiny look seen in that episode.

The Two Doctors figure set (c) Character Options

A new set based on ‘The Two Doctors‘ is also a welcome addition. The Second Doctor is captured during his transformation into an Androgrum. Peri also has a new look with her memorable costume from ‘The Two Doctors‘, complete with headband. Sontaran Commander Stike completes the set with a tremendous new face sculpt.

Harry Sullivan, Styre and Linx (c) Character Options

Finally, there are even more Sontarans with updated figures of Linx and Styre. Thrillingly, Harry Sullivan is captured as a figure for the first time ever in his costume from ‘The Sontaran Experiment‘.

Dalek/Big Finish sets

Eighth Doctor and Dalek Interrogator Prime (c) Character Options

The Eighth Doctor and Dalek Interrogator Prime has already been revealed. It shows Paul McGann’s incarnation during his ‘Dark Eyes‘ period with accompanying costume. This new figure is accompanied by a new Dalek variant.

War Doctor and Dalek Scientist (c) Character Options

In a new, updated figure the War Doctor is accompanied by a new Dalek variant based on the audio adventures of the War Doctor created by Big Finish.

Seventh Doctor and Axis Strike Squad Dalek (c) Character Options

Similarly, a new Seventh Doctor figure, in an ensemble very close to that seen in the 1996 TV Movie, is also accompanied by an Axis Strike Squad Dalek. This will allow fans to re-enact scenes from the Big Finish release Gallifrey VI.

These new figures will be available in UK B&M stores from late August 2019.


    • These will only be available at B&M stores in the UK. They might appear on eBay and Amazon but they would be from individual sellers.

        • Sets have arrived in some B&M stores in the UK but not all as of yet. Every store will be different. They are unlikely to be available online except for those on eBay at an overinflated price.

  1. When will you do the Romana 1 and 2 with
    K9 Mark 2 soon but make some adjustments before you release it
    Like the k9 Mark 2 remote control see what
    Colour paint you need to repaint it.
    From Thomas

  2. Hi folks
    I’m really looking forward to the new 2019 Dr Who sets which will be available in the B&M stores in late August. But what I would like to know is – I live in Penzance, Cornwall and we have a branch of B&M here, what I want to know is – when are the new Dr Who sets being delivered to Penzance?
    Because they haven’t arrived yet.

    • We aren’t aware of a specific release date outside of late August. Delivery to individual stores will also vary. Best advice is to check with your local store what day they usually get their deliveries and if they’ve come in yet.

  3. I live in the UK (WEST MIDLANDS), I’m having no luck in getting the B&M sets, I think the distribution to the stores is a problem plus the scalpers.

  4. Went into Worcester B&M today. A good selection of boxed sets: the Two Doctors (2nd Doctor, Peri and Sontaran), Shada and Caves of Androzani Tardis boxsets, seventh Doctor and cyber men, 12th Doctor and Missy, with Potts, and 11th Doctor with Clara and Amy. Unfortunately no War Doctor or other Dalek sets but still a lot to build up a collection. Nice moulds too


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