There’s some good and some bad news in regards to the upcoming Lethbridge-Stewart novel. Fan favourite writer, David A. McIntee and Lynette Nusbacher have been replaced on the upcoming Lethbridge-Stewart novel ‘On His Majesty’s National Service‘.

It’s not for any nefarious reason that this difficult decision was made. It’s simply to not fall to far behind the publishing deadlines and to remain within the ‘Laughing Gnome‘ series of books. ‘On His Majesty’s National Service‘ was originally due for a June 2019 release.

The Lethbridge-Stewart Range Editor, Andy Frankham-Allen shares how the decision came to be. “After David’s previous book with us The Schizoid Earth was received well – as I expected it would be – we were excited to see what he would come up with next. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, David has been unable to deliver this book.”

Shaun Russell, The Head of Publishing adds. “I have always been a big fan of David’s outstanding Doctor Who work, and I truly regret having to engage a new author. It is unfortunate that, in David’s own words, he was ‘over committed’, but we’re lucky to have found such a wonderful replacement in John Peel.”

John Peel to the rescue!

Now for the good news! John Peel is no stranger to Doctor Who or to the Lethbridge-Stewart range. Some of his previous work includes Doctor Who titles for BBC Books and Candy Jar Boks. Some titles include the Lethbridge-Stewart novel, The Grandfather Infestation and The Midnight People, part of The Lucy Wilson Mysteries.

Frankham-Allen shares some insight into how the new direction for ‘On His Majestey’s National Service‘ came about. “John promptly came up with some ideas and a basic outline that fit the shopping list of elements I gave to him – certain story beats needed to be hit, to fit continuity from other books. I did give David the option of allowing John to use elements from his story, should they fit, which David was quite happy to do. However, beyond a few background details, John has opted to go his own way. It’s going to be an exciting adventure story set during the Korean War, in which we see the events that turned Lethbridge-Stewart into the hero we all know and love.”


On His Majesty’s National Service

On His Majesty’s National Service‘ is currently availabe to pre-order and you can do that by clicking here!

There was always one question that bugged Bill Bishop, what turned Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart from a man interested in teaching to a career military hero? Using the power of the Laughing Gnome, Bill travels back to the 1950s to find out…

As a young man Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart never wanted to follow in his illustrious family military history, he just wanted to be a maths teacher. But then the Korean War broke out and he was called up for National Service. He soon met Spencer Pemberton – and his life was changed forever!


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