A handful of revived series Doctor Who stories are set to become Target novels. The new range of books also includes a return to the world of Doctor Who by former showrunner Russell T Davies.

The Australian site for publishers Penguin Random House is showing five new titles in the ‘Target Collection’ range. Details are still emerging but it seems that former showrunner Russell T Davies and outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat are on the bill to turn some of their TV stories into all new versions of the much missed and celebrated Target novels.

Target Books was a publishing imprint set up in the 1970s. It would become infamous among Doctor Who fans for publishing novelisations of television stories. Without a home video market, this was the only way for people to relive their favourite episodes. The line was retired in 1991 but the novelisations have taken on a cult status of their own.

Which episodes will become Target novels?

The books listed on the publishers website include Rose, The Christmas Invasion, Day of the Doctor, Twice Upon a Time and City of Death.

James Goss will be adapting an abridged version of his original novelisation of the 1979 classic City of Death by Douglas Adams and David Fisher.

The other four are adaptations of episodes that have aired since Doctor Who returned in 2005. Beginning with the Target version of the episode which started all the Doctor Who madness all over again, Rose. Russell T Davies will be adapting this episode from his original script. Jenny Colgan will be adapting David Tennant’s Doctor debut, The Christmas Invasion from Russell T Davies’ script.

Steven Moffat will be adapting the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor from his script. Finally, his upcoming Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time is also due to get the Target treatment.

The new range of books are currently scheduled for release in April 2018. Meanwhile here is James Goss’ unabridged adaptation of City of Death, available on Amazon.




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