Shooting continues on the next series of Doctor Who and today some intrepid field reporters uncovered what will be the new interior for the TARDIS. The images you see here show the backlit image that’s used on set to display the inside as seen from the outside. (If that makes sense!) Many thanks to SCOOTY and you can see his awesome collection of filming pictures HERE.

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  1. Reminiscent of the TARDIS interior from the Scream of the Shalka animation.

    Slightly disappointed in it's similarity to the current version.

    I suppose I expected something more radically different.

  2. Oh I like the look of this. I think they made a good choice to keep the colour scheme. People have been grumbling about too much change and this way the console room is tweaked rather than completely changed. So it is familiar enough for viewers to not be put off by the change, but it's different enough to make you take notice. Very nice!

    Can't wait to see this onscreen and the actual console room. Hopefully the description about other areas in a deleted post on Gallifrey Base is true as well!!

    LOVE IT!!

  3. Mmmmm, I may be wrong but is that Matt Smith's Tardis exterior? His has the different style windows (grey and white similar to those in the Hartnell era) but these windows are clear, just like the current model?

    Perhaps the interior is to change before the exterior does? Can anyone confirm?

  4. Oh right. Strange that the light should bleach out the pebbled grey windows so much though, I would have thought there would at least be some sort of texture/difference in the different coloured panes. If only the doors were on and we could see if the St Johns badge was on it, we'd know for sure!

  5. Looking at it again, I think you can see a white edge around the windows (which makes it the new one) but I still can't work out why the darker windows are so bleached out – ah well, best wait for Season 5 to find out!

  6. OhaleyP, they were actually still filming with old Tardis (as well as the new one) as recently as this week. Seems the first episode doesn't start out with a brand-spanking-new Tardis – we get to see the metamorphosis.

  7. This is not the new TARDIS.
    As I have speculated elsewhere I think The Doctor's TARDIS is destroyed by The Master along with The tenth Doctor.
    I reckon the Ice Cream van we've seen images of is the chameleon circuit of the new TARDIS operating perfectly. The TARDIS that is gifted him by Tim Dalton's Timelord, before it assumes the shape of Bill Hartnell's TARDIS from 1963.
    I reckon the new interior will be an updated version of the 1963 console room but much larger.

  8. The old TARDIS is dead. Those pics are the old TARDIS. The new TARDIS will change into an ice cream van and a red telephone box before assuming the shape of the first Doctor's 1963 police box. The interior will be a slick updated version of the 1963 console room.

  9. In reply to the query about the windows. If you click on the Matt Smith link on the BLogtor Who section (top left of this page) at the top of that page there is a picture of the new TARDIS some of the windows have blacked out sections but some do not. Clearly the windows we see here are two that do not have the greyed out sections.

  10. The TARDIS can't be dead, it is if though you kill off the Doctor himself and place some other guy in his pla… oops, bad example…

  11. Wolfman: "The interior will be a slick updated version of the 1963 console room."

    If this is so, why does the backdrop in the exterior look so similar to the current series? Do you mean the main console is likely to be more flashing lights and buttons than glass paperweights and tin openers?

  12. It's definitely the new one. If you look close at the windows the edges are white like the new exterior, the old windows had blue edges.

    I'm a huge fan of the current interior, I love the coral organic feel combined with the green glow…

    A change would be nice but I'm not devastated they haven't deviated too far.

  13. They've killed doctor who

    to much change, the first episode will either make or break the 11th doctor, they shouldn't have changed everything intead done it gradually…

  14. Yes, that IS actually the Matt Smith Tardis. You can tell by the lamp on the top and in the second picture the windows light washes it out a little, but you can see the white window frames.

    I like it SO FAR. i like the stairs and the coloring is nice though I'm surprised since i had heard the interior was going to be more classic. If I'm seeing it right I see some of what looks like a giant circular over head light like the Hartnel era had. Very interesting.

  15. I missed the idea that there was more to the Tardis than just the console room. That doesn't mean that every story must have someone wandering the corridors, but once in a while going beyond the main room would be fine. I sure hope they do that in the new ones.


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