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New super rare Doctor Who micro figures

Character Options has revealed details of a number of brand new super rare micro- figures amongst the latest Character Building Doctor Who Display Brix Series 4 collection, which is out now.

The assortment of 12 highly detailed and fully articulated figures features key characters from the hit TV show which is currently wow-ing audiences on BBC One. The first micro-figure for the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi together with his companion Clara Oswald and many other classic characters monsters are included in the range.
Each figure comes in its own transparent Display Brix casing that can be stacked and presented into one awesome Doctor Who display. If the release of this new collection of figures was not news enough, Character Options can confirm that there are actually five further figures to hunt for; all super-rare with 100 or less of each to find.
Who to look out for:
• 100 of Clara Oswald in Bow Cardigan
• 75 of The Eleventh Doctor with Handles
• 75 of The Eleventh Doctor (as seen in The Crimson Horror)
• 50 of Wooden Cybermen
• 50 of Captain Jack Harkness

Thanks to Character Options

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  1. Man, the War Doctor in this regular wave is rare enough and hard to find! I can't even track him down among scalpers on eBay…


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