The BBC have released a new trailer for the next series of Doctor Who (starring MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN) scheduled to start April 3 – see it in the player above. See the first trailer for the series HERE.

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  1. Bit naff. Doesn't tell us much about the new Doctor and Amy. Thank you for putting it up so fast, though, I was looking forward to this.

  2. LOVE it. Especially the upskirt shot 😛

    Seriously though, that was really cool. Hopefully that trailer (and the 3D version of it) will be on the box set next year. Definitely loving the new vortex.

    I liked seeing the smiler spin around and change heads/faces. Looks creepy. I really can't wait until easter.

  3. I miss the 10th Doctor SO MUCH, each time I see this trailer, I find myself utterly disappointed in the new direction of Doctor Who.

  4. Maybe I'm being a bit nitpicky, but the music inside the vortex was… incredibly wrong. I can't quite place it. The show is supposed to be about adventure, mystery, and danger… yet that whole sequence had a 'young adult romance' vibe… ugh.

    I've been optimistic so far, but this doesn't bode well… I'm hoping that it's just the teaser itself, and not completely indicative of the end product.

    But yes, the start and end bits were promising.

    Looking forward to the real deal, at least.

  5. To those worried because of this ad; did none of you see the original trailer, packed with clips from the actual forthcoming episodes?? Because that was great. I don't think you can judge really anything about the new series from this. But yes, this specially made teaser in itself was a bit duff.

  6. Fie! Fie on this. Is that the right use of the word? I don't like it. Don't like his look–the voice is good though and the attitude seems right. But the look–Sylvester McCoy all over again!

  7. Up until this trailer I was resistant to accept Matt Smith but if this is any indicator of his personality then I sooo look forward to series 5!

  8. Looks like Steven Moffat may be making this season more of a love letter to the earlier (pre 'series 1') Who episodes than picking up where RTD left off. I'm not really a big RTD fan, but as somebody who started with the new series, I feel kind of alienated by this.

    But I'm willing to forgive pretty much anything to hear a script written by Steven Moffat, so- hey, bring it on. I hope for good things.

  9. I'm optimistic. I loved the show as it was, but Moffat's a brilliant writer and Matt Smith's pretty convincing as far as I'm concerned. And I'm happy that the Daleks look the same. That's something that hasn't changed.

  10. Bring on the change! It's been great seeing Tennant strut his stuff but if Doctor Who is to keep going this is what it needs! 🙂 …Here's to 2010!

  11. What is it with you Johnny come lates and your hate? Tennant was a great Doctor yes. But he chose to leave the series. The new look is amazing. People complain..this Doc hits people…so did the third doc. Oh he uses a gun? The 5th Doc use a blaster to kill cybermen. I find more and more you people are not fans of the series, more like childish groupies who cannot come to terms that David is no longer the Doctor. Get over yourselves.

  12. Strange mix of slickly mod and budget cringe! What's with the dinosaur at the end? Love the cheese – but that's a bit weird! Why do i feel like this Doctor's out to get his swashbuckle on? However, very optimistic that these two will be a fantastic duo.

  13. looking good. though some of the acting looked naff. though acting against green scene and cgi cant be easy, so forgiven. think the dinosaur at the end is possibly a new recurring villain?


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