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New Series Promo Image & Trailer news

The official has updated with a new image for the next series of Doctor Who starring MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN – click on the image below for a bigger, short~skirtier version. They also state that a new trailer will air “early evening” this Saturday and will be online shortly after. In other news, the first episode of the next series, The Eleventh Hour, will be an hour long special.


  1. GuabaMan, I disagree (no personal shot at you though). I think the picture looks freakin' cool. The time vortex looks really good. Better than the previous in my opinion. I really love the scary face thing. Great!

  2. New Time Vortex? Wow. First it was light. Then it was space. Then it was gas. Now it's liquid. I wonder how that will look in motion, dying to see the series!

  3. Its a sweet picture, if only for Karen. Nice vortex indeed. Though Matt's face is freaking me out – did they photoshop his face???

  4. Dam I agree over Matt's face, I've grown very accustomed to it but it just looks weird and out of proportion a very bad photoshop attempt. Other than that I really can not wait to see the new series and hope that the new graphics reinforce the storylines.

  5. I'm also loving the liquid Vortex. Karen is so gorgeous but Matts face is weird. His left brace also is not attached to the clip. Loving the scary face thing too.

    I can NOT wait for this series. There's just too many things I can't wait to see. Like the Weeping Angels follow-up story, The new Doctor, sexy companions in miniskirts, new enemies, old enemies, the new title sequences and theme tune and it's ALL gonna be in HD 😀

    Mmmmmmm Karens legs/behind in HD is sure going to be a highlight every Saturday 😀


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