The official site has updated with a new trailer for Series 6, see it in the player above. It begins airing on television from tonight in the UK. Hear Blogtor discuss the trailer on the latest DWO WhoCast HERE.


  1. Do we have a UK airdate? Heard rumours we were running at the same time as the Americans this year? Sorry if you have already posted this somewhere!!!

  2. "Running" is the word you're looking for… "I've been running my whole life, Now it's time for me to stop"

  3. Ten's TARDIS at 37 seconds! But who is the figure on the right? At first I thought it was Eleven, but it could be Rory, or even Ten!

    BTW, anonymous, think the word you are missing is 'running'

  4. Hey, that's NINE'S TARDIS dang it 😉

    On a more serious note has anyone caught themselves looking at this trailer and trying to reconcile that our humble little sci-fi show with a reputation for carboard sets and tinfoil monsters has become THIS good? Had the same thought with several Series 5 episodes and Christmas Carol – you really could be looking at a movie.

  5. It makes me smile when people say NINE'S TARDIS! He was in that interior first. (I do love Ten, though)

    @Anonymous who questions the person in Nine and Ten's TARDIS, it does look a bit like Ten, but if you look at it frame by frame in fullscreen mode, it's Rory. Also, Amy's red hair is right behind him.

  6. 0.35- Rory and Amy are getting zapped by electricity/lightning coming out of a hand…Davros?
    Wow Wow WOW

  7. Does anyone know what song is being played for this trailer? It's awesome!
    And the only ones i can see clearly in Ten's TARDIS is Amy and Rory. But still… Why? Dun dun duuunnn!


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