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New Series 4 Trailer

Just broadcast on BBC1, this is the Rest of Series 4 TV trailer for DOCTOR WHO. It’s got ROSE TYLER, DALEKS, WILF and ….


  1. Hello Mr. Cameron,

    Member of the Squee Squad on Outpost Gallifrey here. I am not the brightest bulb in the box, I admit…is there a way to subscribe to your blog so I know when it updates.

    MANY thanks from the Who deprived across the pond,


  2. Who is this Mr Cameron?

    I am BLOGTOR!


    Sadly, I don’t know if you can subscribe or not. I’m using the older version of blogger.com and it doesn’t look like that sort of thing is possible. If anyone has any suggestions then feel free to get in touch.

    Happy to help everyone outside the UK who cannot enjoy all the BBC YouTube goodness.

  3. Ha, Combom, I like the phrase dalek “skirt”. Makes them sound all zexy.

    I was trying not to state his name (though the eagle~eyed would have noticed his name in the ‘tags’ for the post) in case people didn’t know about his supposed return.


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