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  1. Sadly, I don't have time to post it but you're not missing anything. It's not really a video, merely a still image of the logo moving towards the 'camera'.

    Nothing that isn't in the pic. There's no information and the only sound is that of the TARDIS.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I think the DW TARDIS is an inspired idea, one of those where you think "surely they've done that before" and then you're surprised to realise they haven't. I can imagine it's going to be used a lot without needing the actual words alongside it. I've just posted my opinions about it (from a designer's point of view) on my own blog and I've also included the animation, if anyone's interested.

  3. Does anyone remember the old sci-fi magazine Dreamwatch (formely Doctor Who fanzine DWB)? Was not the DW used in this 'new' logo the same as Dreamwatches logo.

    I am really beginning to think to much is changing to fast. New Doctor, new look Tardis (inside and out), new companion, i dare say new arrangement of the music as well.

    It had to change in 2005 to attract a new audience. But think back to the classic days, never was so much changed in one go when a new producer or new Doctor was introduced.

    I predict a falling in ratings, and I really want to be proven wrong.

    I always got the impression about Stephen Moffat that he did not really like RTD… I think this just about proves that. He is changing everything.

    Never try to fix something that is not broken


  4. Lets hope Matt Smith's incarnation of the Doctor is better than the new terrible logo! Excuse me, but I'm going to vomit now…..bluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Much better than the current one which I was never too fond of. This new one looks more like the first few but updated. I like the DW Tardis logo too.

  6. Just in response to an earlier comment – When Jon Pertwee took over as the Doctor, there was a new version of the theme (sort of), new logo, new cast, new production team…it was all change, as well as going over to colour.

    Not unheard of for a great change.

    That said I'm not entirely sold on the new logo.

  7. I think it's fantastic and harks back to the golden age of Doctor Who with Jon Pertwee, It's similar to his logo before the diamond one was used in his last season. It's also similar to the one used in the movie with Paul McGann. I'm warmed that Mr Moffat isn't trying to come up with anything too new. As for the tardis DW logo…truely inspired!

  8. The more I see of the new season's pictures the more excited I get, which isn't becomming for a 41 year old!

    Any news on stories featuring old friends or enemies yet? Any rumours or rumblings…?

  9. So far I have seen no substantial news on returning enemies other than the….. (look away if you are avoiding SPOILERS)…




    The Daleks – those little guys turn up in an episode with Winston Churchill.

    And River Song turns up too in another story.

    Check the 'Series 5' section for all the 'news' so far.

  10. After the multicoloured spinning lemon, that has more of the eerie feel I used to associate with "Doctor Who" in my youth, which was a little while ago now. (It's even almost black and white!)

    Now, if the new Doctor can just convince me that I'm not watching a school play, I'll start to believe that Moffat actually wants to go back to some of those core values of early Who – like having imaginative stories that scare kids to death.

  11. If anyone's still doubting what a powerful little insignia they've come up with, they should visit here and see how you're using it, Cameron. Very nice work, especially your "BW" version!

  12. I agree that Moffat is trying to mix the old with the new. I like the new logo. The ninth and tenth logo sucked and so did the theme, but I still loved the show. I hope they do a more electronic theme, like the original. Another thing to keep in mind is that no one has seen an episode of the new doctor. You're judging him like some food given to a child, the child doesn't like the way it looks and immediately hates it. You need to give it a try, you might find out you love it more than the last.

  13. I liked the opening titles for the previous re-imagined series a lot. This feels like a step backwards, but to me the storytelling has always been the most important aspect of Doctor Who. And there's surely no arguement that Stephen Moffat is a good storyteller?? Let's face it, we've endured poor effects and acting before – I wouldn't care if the logo was made from newspaper cuttings – I'd still watch. On another note – if you like Doctor Who art and music, there's some stuff on my website to look and listen – mattscutt.com

    Blogtor Who is a great site!

  14. The anonymous statement about there might be too much change in one step is true, but I think he overreacts a little. The logo is more back to the roots, witch I like, and as long as they don't overdo some of the other changes, I think it will work perfectly well.

    And Moffat is my favorite writer as well, so this just can't go wrong!

    Just have to state that most of the people here who don't like this new logo most likely haven't seen, or don't like the original series.

  15. The new logo is reminiscent of the logo used in the Jon Pertwee days (if I remember correctly).
    It's not the same, but has that sort of feel to it.

    Not sure why they're changing the TARDIS interior again. But having just repainted a bedroom, I guess there's no reason why the Doctor wouldn't change his decor.

    Looking forward to the 2009 Christmas Specials.

  16. Firstly, a huge thankyou. Blogtor Who is a superb blog. Well done!

    I have no problems with change ("new new Doctor") and I look forward to seeing what Matt Smith will bring to the role. Each of the actors portraying the Doctor contribute something to the mythology. It will be interesting to see the new Tardis interior too.

    Musically, I really liked Ron Grainer's theme music for the Opening and Closing titles. Will Murray Gold continue providing the music for Series 5 or has he moved on?

    However, sadly, I must say that I am utterly unimpressed with the new logo. The logo used for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors was easily my favourite. I also loved the corporate style of the Torchwood logo. This new logo is a little too simple. Poor choice of font and the large DW in the shape of the Tardis is embarrassing and tacky. It's a clever idea … for about 2 seconds. I will miss the current logo used for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

    I will also greatly miss David Tennant's "lonely traveller" persona.

    Your blog is excellent.

  17. Seeing the attempts on the Brand New blog, linked above, to "improve" on this design has only made me like it current form even more.

    I think the problem is that people think it will thud its way into the title sequence as a flat element looking exactly like this, with the lens flares and everything, but I seriously doubt it – I think they've just made this look as tasty as they can for static uses of the logo. I think its final place in the series should be the real point at which is can be judged.

    The RTD era "London taxi" logo looks fairly acceptable by itsef, absolutely rubbish when flipping weakly into place on the opening titles and bloody great when the massive version wipes across the screen before the Next Time trailers.


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