Candy Jar Books are back with another limited edition Lethbridge-Stewart release, ‘Travers & Wells’. 

Written by Robert Mammone, this story, features Edward Travers, as the title suggests, and none other than HG Wells!  This upcoming release is part of Candy Jar’s limited edition range, meaning only 400 copies will be printed, so make sure not to delay on getting yours.

Edward Travers, pulled out of time by a mysterious force, finds himself on a hill with a young man called Herbert George Wells. Together the men travel across England, intent on discovering where they are; a world distinctly different from the one they know. And yet, for Edward Travers, it is one that seems vaguely familiar…
This double team has the potential to go on further adventures if it proves popular. The types of adventures the duo would encounter would work towards being inspiration for the classic Wells stories.

How it came about

Andy Frankham-Allen, the Range Editor discusses the origins of the story: “This novella serves as a kind of back door pilot for a possible series. It’s all dependent on the reception the book receives, and whether or not there is enough interest in an occasional series with Travers and Wells at the helm.”

“The original plan was for me to write a sequel to The War of the Worlds, but then word reached me of the Stephen Baxter sequel and it was clear that we’d not be able to compete with that, so, not wanting to waste all the research and notes, I hit upon the idea of turning the story into an alternative take on the classic novel, and utilising the Doctor Who connection with Wells that Glen McCoy created for his 1985 serial, Timelash. And so we worked out an arrangement with Glen and set the potential series up with, first, the end of Times Squared, and then a short story called Time and Again.”

Unfortunately due to scheduling and personal issues Frankham-Allen’s ‘Day Of The Intelligence’ had to be cancelled. This unfortunate occurrence is what brings us ‘Travers & Wells but Frankham-Allen ensures us that this is a great replacement. While we may never get ‘Day Of The Intelligence’ we must admit that this does look like an exciting adventure and here’s hoping for more!

Candy Jar Covers

'Travers & Wells' from Candy Jar Books
‘Travers & Wells’ from Candy Jar Books

The cover art for the Lethbridge-Stewart books are always incredible and regular artist Richard Young offers us another gem. Featured on the cover are, Travers and Wells but also Young’s take on the Martian War Machine.

Young on his cover: “I was over the moon to be doing the cover for Travers & Wells. I treated this slightly differently than the previous two novellas, in that I wanted something that would had a film poster quality to it. In fact there is a version of the artwork knocking around that has been put together as if it was a film poster.”

I think we can all agree that would be something to see!


Remember this is part of the limited edition series that Candy Jar Books are doing so you’ll only be able to get this through Candy Jar. You can purchase ‘Travers & Wells’ individually for £12.99, or part of a bundle here.

Enjoy these great stories and more and don’t forget to check out the brand new Lethbridge-Stewart Website. You can read more about the all new site here.


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