“Beneath the mist, among the embers, lies Black River Meadow and its damned descendants”

Black River Meadow - Dark Valley ProductionsBlack River Meadow - Dark Valley Productions
Black River Meadow – Dark Valley Productions


A few weeks ago, Blogtor Who chatted with Gareth David-Lloyd about his work on Twisted Showcase, Be My Mind.  In this short tale, David-Lloyd took on the triple role of actor, director and co-writer, a first for the man known to Whovians as Captain Jack Hawkness’ lover Ianto Jones in the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood.    During the interview we had with the Welsh actor, he mention an new upcoming project.  Well today, we have found out a bit more about this new web series.

Black River Meadow - Dark Valley Productions
Black River Meadow – Dark Valley Productions

Black River Meadow is a three-part horror tale set in an otherworldly village hidden deep in the Welsh mountains. The series is an introduction to a bigger story from the mind of Torchwood’s Gareth David Lloyd. Today, a Kickstarter was launched to raise funds for the creation of Episode 1 – the first window into a dark secluded world and the lives of its inhabitants.

The Story

There is so much mystery and drama in the Welsh Valleys and the Brecon Beacons.

When conditions are just so. When the mist hangs in such a way that paths dissolve, valleys breath and mountains sway, feelings of awe, dread, wonder and terror can consume a person.

Bewitched since a child by this dreamlike landscape I delved into its rich history and mythology. I discovered countless stories of horror and loss, of heroism and great sacrifice, of community and love, of murder and bloodshed. So much loss of life in these mountains. So much blood spilled on this land. What if the land remembered?

What if all that blood soaked history were to manifest itself in a place. A place that is shrouded in mist and rooted in death. A place that can only be found by the chosen. Those tied by ancestry to its unspeakable beginnings. The damned.

Black River Meadow - Dark Valley Productions
Black River Meadow – Dark Valley Productions

Using the stunning backdrop of the South Wales countryside and merging history and mythology our goal is to create the first episode in a noir horror triplet designed to wet appetites for a much bigger future project. One that, if you join us on our journey, you can be a part of.

Come with us. Buy a one-way ticket to Black River Meadow.

Gareth David-Lloyd


Gareth David-Lloyd and Robin Bell are using Kickstarter to fund this project.  The duo need £5000 to create the first episode of this series.  To sweeten the pot, there are some great give-aways to supporters ranging from t-shirts and DVDs to guide tours in person or on Skype and producer credits.

Please check them out at following Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkvalleyprod/black-river-meadow



Gareth David-Lloyd has been a screen and stage actor for fifteen years. In recent times he has written for Big Finish Productions and Twisted Showcase. Gareth made his directorial debut for Twisted Showcase web-short Be My Head.

Robin Bell is the creator and lead writer for Twisted Showcase, a Guardian Top 25 web TV show and the only British Independent series listed alongside names such as Joss Whedon and Seth Macfarlane. He has been a storyliner for Hollyoaks, and his script entitled ‘Bookmark’ is part of Philip Shelley’s audio drama podcast. A romantic comedy feature film, ‘A League Apart’, is currently in pre-production with Dark Art Films Ltd.



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