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New Fourteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Toy

The new gold effect sonic screwdriver, alongside the restocked chrome version

A new version of the sonic screwdriver is on the way from Character Options, but possibly not the one you were expecting

Fans may still be patiently waiting for word of when the latest iteration of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver will be out in toy form. But in the meantime, Character Options have restocked the Fourteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. They’ve also announced a new golden variant of that version, available exclusively at Forbidden Planet in July 2024. The repainted version, which replaces the chrome finish with a golden metallic paint instead, can be pre-ordered now.

Character’s version of the 60th Anniversary version of the Doctor’s multi-tool has proven to be hugely popular ever since its debut at San Diego Comic-Con on 19th July 2023, and this the limited-edition version will surely become a must-have addition amongst Doctor Who fans.

The exclusive device features a gold effect ‘electro plated’ finish, light and sound FXs, and an extending and opening emitter. Slide the control button to open and close or press and hold for sounds.

While producing a sonic screwdriver variant never actually seen in the show is unusual, it’s not entirely without precedent. 2012’s ‘trans temporal screwdriver’ toy was an entirely original steampunk design. The previous year’s ‘personalize your own sonic screwdriver set’ featured the Eleventh Doctor’s as a base, but came with various new parts to swap and change to make your own unique take on the Doctor’s indispensable tool.


The new gold effect Sonic Screwdriver from Character Options (c) Character Options Doctor Who Fourteenth Doctor
The new gold effect Sonic Screwdriver from Character Options (c) Character Options

Every release of the Fourteenth Doctor sonic has sold out in record time, with this batch likely to follow suit

Available for pre-ordering now, this extra special Sonic Screwdriver will cost £29.99 and will be available for delivery and in store from early June.

Craig Anderson from Forbidden Planet comments – “Doctor Who remains one of our most popular brands and has without doubt one of the most loyal fan followings. It is therefore with great pleasure that we are partnering with Character Options to bring this unique piece to our store for our customers to enjoy.”

This toy version of this iteration of the sonic screwdriver features an all-gold finish, with multiple light and sound FXs, plus an extending and opening emitter. Slide the control button upwards along the main body to open and close and press and hold for light and sounds.

You can order the re-released chrome sonic screwdriver directly from Character here.

The golden sonic screwdriver can be pre-ordered from Forbidden Planet here.



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