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New Fifteenth Doctor Novels Announced from BBC Books

Fifteenth Doctor Books (c) BBC Studios

BBC Books have unveiled three new Doctor Who novels for this year, featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday.

Each book is an original, stand-alone adventure coming out simultaneously in hardback and audiobook. These original Doctor Who novels will be simultaneously available in hardback and audiobook editions. The range begins with Ruby Red on 13th June, with the audiobook read by Ruby Sunday herself, Millie Gibson.

Ruby Red by Georgia Cook – Available from 13th June

April, 1242: the Doctor and Ruby answer a distress call sent from medieval Russia. The signal’s sender? Ranavere, an alien girl forced to take part in a barbaric conflict between the armies of Estonia and Novgorod on the frozen surface of Lake Peipus. Ranavere wants to escape, but her distress call has summoned her warmongering sisters, intent on preserving family tradition whatever the cost. And as human battle begins, the Doctor and Ruby must face a more devastating threat – a monstrous entity with plans of conquest, growing stronger beneath the icy lake…

Ruby Red (c) BBC Books
Ruby Red (c) BBC Books

Georgia Cook is an illustrator and writer from London. She has written for several sets in the Big Finish Doctor Who Audio range, including THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR CHRONICLES, GALLIFREY: WAR ROOM, and THE INTERLUDES. She has also contributed short stories to publications such as Baffling Magazine and Flame Tree Press. She’s a frequent contributor to various horror anthology podcasts , too, both as a writer and voice over artist.

Caged by Una McCormack – Available from 27th June

Are aliens ever abducted by aliens? And if they were, would anyone believe their story? When the Doctor and Ruby arrive on Cavia, they meet a gentle local who is certain that she has been taken for study by creatures from the stars. The Doctor is concerned to find mysterious meteors appearing in the sky, while strange robotic creatures crowd the forests, watching everything and waiting for…what? Who is interested in Cavia, and why? What is the sinister truth of the abductions? The Doctor and Ruby must discover the secrets of this mysterious world – and those who would seek to destroy it…

Caged (c) BBC Books

Una McCormack is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She has written many Doctor Who articles, scripts and novels. These include THE KING’S DRAGONTHE WAY THROUGH THE WOODSROYAL BLOODMOLTEN HEART and ALL FLESH IS GRASS.

Eden Rebellion by Abi Falase – Available from 14th November

On the crystalline planet of Yewa, the Gardens of Kubuntu are a true Eden, said to be the most peaceful destination in the universe. At least, until the Doctor and Ruby arrive. Ancient rivalries between Yewa and its more prosperous sister world of Bia are being stirred by forces unknown, threatening to plunge its people into anarchy. With Ruby swept up in the fire of the Yewan rebellion, the Doctor finds dark secrets buried deep in the planet’s ancient history – and his hopes for a lasting peace hanging by a thread. For sinister guardians stalk the Gardens of Kubuntu, while an implacable enemy plots in the shadows – and in plain sight…

Eden Rebellion (c) BBC Books

Abi Falase is a Black British writer and director, reimagining fundamental societal concepts in inventive new worlds. Abi has written and directed a number of plays. These include THE VILLAGE and RUSH with the Almedia Theatre, as well as RIFT for Immediate Theatre. She was on the shortlist for the BBC Scriptworks A THOUSAND STORIES scriptwriting competition in 2021.



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