The Doctor Who panel has just taken place at the San Diego Comic Con and one new episode title was revealed – Dinosaurs On A Spaceship. It will be Episode Two, written by Chris Chibnall and stars Mark Williams (The Fast Show) as Rory’s Dad, Rupert Graves (Sherlock) and David Bradley (Harry Potter films). At Comic Con France 2012 last weekend, executive producer Caro Skinner revealed that she and Steven Moffat thought the story would have made an “amazing movie”.

The SDCC panel included Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Caroline Skinner and Steven Moffat. Thanks to Blogtor’s roving reporter Sarabeth Pollock for all the news and pics over the weekend, very much appreciated! You can find the pics on the Blogtor Twitter account HERE or on the Facebook page HERE.

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  1. Remember the days when Doctor Who titles sounded like proper titles (and ones which sounded like they'd work well as titles for Target novelizations… 'Doctor Who and…')?

  2. Whith Chris Chibnall having two episodes coming in the first five, it gets complicated fast. But I'm pretty sure the "it's a great story, you could make a movie with it" comments refers to the other Chibnall-penned episode: the one he pitched them, when the "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" to him was pitched to him par Steven Moffat.

  3. Doctor Who and The Impossible Astronuat, Doctor Who and the Day of the Moon, Doctor Who and the Curse of the Black Spot,Doctor Who and the Rebel Flesh, Doctor Who and the Almost People, Doctor Who and the Night Terrors, Doctor Who and the Girl Who Waited, Doctor Who and the God Complex, Doctor Who and the Wedding of River Song, Doctor Who and the Asylum of the Daleks, Doctor Who and the Dinosuars on a Spaceship, Doctor Who and A Town Called Mercy, Doctor Who and the Crimson Horror, Doctor Who and the Phantoms of the Hex. I think I made my point clear! And anyway if the title didn't work target would just change it?


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