Toy manufacturer Character Options have released images and details of a brand new range of Doctor Who figures, playsets and much more more! The first batch of new sized figures (3.75″) are available now and feature: Clara, The Eleventh Doctor, Cyberman, Dalek, Weeping Angel and Ice Warrior. Click on the images below for bigger versions.

Included below are two of the four “Time Zone” playsets from Character Options. The first is the submarine from Cold War whilst the second is a Dalek Invasion Earth set. The other two sets are from Hide and The Angels Take Manhattan (not pictured). Each set includes an exclusive figure or accessory.

Included below is the new “Spinning Flight” TARDIS for use with new range of figures; it also features sound and light FX! Click on the images for bigger versions.

Finally, there’s a collection of Sonic Screwdrivers! Included below are images for the Third, Fourth, Tenth and the “Future” sonics. All feature light and sound FX. Click on them for bigger versions.

Thanks to Character Options


  1. @Yarner. In what way did they spoil? If you're talking about the "future sonic" that was introduced back in 2008. I'm just disappointed they stopped making the larger figures – the Clara and Doctor ones look nice but I wish I could buy 10-inch versions again.

  2. I think yarner was referring to the Dalek set in which case they most certainly have ruined the surprise….

  3. @cg1701 – There have been multiple Dalek invasions. The set could also reference Dalek Invasion of Earth or even the Dr. Who movies. Or it could be a "non-episode" set of some sort. There's been no mention of Daleks in the anniversary special, and as these are items scheduled for release in only a few months, I can't see them putting something like that out so far in advance.


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