The Target Books range of Doctor Who novelisations continues to expand this year with five new paperbacks arriving this July

The series of Doctor Who paperbacks by Target Books novelising the Doctor’s television adventures was an iconic part of the fan experience for decades. Resurrected a few years ago, Target have since returned to novelise the more recent episodes too. Now five more volumes will be added to the library in July 2020. These new books feature the Fourth, Tenth and Twelfth Doctors, each adapted by their original scriptwriters.

The Fires of Pompeii

The Fires of Pompeii by James Moran novelises the 2008 episode of the same name, which starred David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Doctor and Donna. It’s AD 79, and the friends arrive in Pompeii on the eve of the town’s destruction. Mount Vesuvius is ready to erupt and bury its surroundings in molten lava, just as history dictates. Or is it?

James Moran discussed finally joining the roster of Target Books authors. “I’ve been watching Doctor Who and reading the Target books for as long as I can remember. The books were an essential part of my childhood, examining the amazing cover art, and ‘seeing’ stories that aired before I was born. I loved learning new words from them, like ‘capacious,’ and am beyond thrilled to become part of this publishing legend!”

The Zygon Invasion

The Zygon Invasion by Peter Harness adapts 2015’s two part drama The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion by Harness and Steven Moffat, which featured Peter Capaldi’s Doctor alongside Jenna Coleman as Clara. It took three Doctors to broker a fragile peace between Zygons and Humans. Now the Twelfth Doctor must face the fallout alone. With his allies compromised and his companion believed dead, can he stop the world from plunging into war?

Peter Harness said: “Like many,many others, I learnt to read and to love books by reading Target novelisations. The Saturday afternoon journey to Garland’s bookshop in Bridlington to see if any new Doctor Who stories had materialised on their shelves. Scouring markets and second-hand shops in hope of finding an old copy of Doctor Who and the Sea Devils.

“Desperately pestering my poor cousin until he finally lent me his copy of Doctor Who and The Doomsday Weapon. Making my Grandad read me The Enemy of the World when he would’ve much preferred to fall asleep with the newspaper. There is a sense of magic and excitement about Target books which has stayed with me my whole life. And I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to be writing my own Target book of one of my own Doctor Who stories.”

The Eaters of Light

The Eaters of Light by Rona Munro is based on the playwright’s 2017 episode starring Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas as the Doctor, Bill and Nardole. The Doctor takes his companions back to 2nd century Scotland to learn the fate of Rome’s ‘lost’ Ninth Legion. Five thousands soldiers vanished without explanation – how?

Rona Munro said: ‘It’s wonderful to have another chance to revisit the ideas of my last Doctor Who story, Eaters of Light, they are ideas that have been with me for a very long time and Doctor Who, as always, proved to be the largest and most exciting world in which to realise them.’

The Stones of Blood and The Androids of Tara

The new wave of Target books will also include two novelisations previously only available in audiobook format. Originally novelised by Target stalwart Terrance Dicks in the 1980s, they were later revisited a decade ago by original scriptwriter David Fisher for AudioGo. Now these versions be available in the familiar Target paperback branding for the first time.

The Stones of Blood by David Fisher adapts the 1978 story with the Doctor by Tom Baker alongside Mary Tamm’s Romana as the duo hunt the Key to Time. An ancient stone circle holds a deadly and mysterious secret. Soon it becomes a battleground as the Doctor and Romana must outwit the deadliest alien criminal this side of hyperspace.

The Androids of Tara by David Fisher follows the Doctor and Romana as their quest for the Key to Time continues. The pair’s search for the fourth segment leads them to the planet Tara.


All five books will be available from all good book outlets on the 14th of July, priced £7.99.




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