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New Doctor Who Life Size Standees

The new Star Cutouts standees for 2023 Doctor Who Power of the Doctor
The new Star Cutouts standees for 2023

Star Cutouts have expanded their range of Doctor Who life size cardboard cutouts with three new additions based on The Power of the Doctor

The list of Doctor Who merchandise for 2023 continues to grow ever longer. The latest addition is the release of three new cardboard standees from Star Cutouts. Jodie Whittaker herself takes centre stage of course. Even more excitingly, she’s wearing the unique costume of bits and pieces from her earlier incarnations. It features her in her own coat, the Seventh Doctor’s jumper, the Tenth Doctor’s tie, the Twelfth Doctor’s trousers, the Eleventh Doctor’s boots and, of course, the Fifth Doctor’s celery and the Fourth Doctor’s scarf.

Meanwhile, David Bradley’s version of the Time Lord also gets reborn in standee form. And to tie in with the most recent episode, he’s in his guise as one of the Guardians of the Edge. Dressed in the long black robes with intricate red detailing worn by the Guardians (except the Eighth – he doesn’t do robes) he stands ready to advise and assure the Thirteenth in her darkest hour.

Last but by no means least comes David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor. It features the present day Tennant in his brand new costume of blue herringbone overcoat, blue-on-brown tartan waistcoat and trousers, grey Chuck 70 Converse, knitted silver tie. Introduced in the shocking final scene of last year’s special, it will also be seen in the 60th anniversary specials later this year. You can ask your standee what the hell is going on if you like, but all it will do is look enigmatic in the corner of your living. Quite right too.


The new standees join a selection of heroes and villains already available

All three designs come accompanied by a smaller standee suitable for display on a desk or shelf. Meanwhile, the full size versions are between 5’7″ (171cm) and 6’2″ (187cm) to match the heights of the real actors.

The three new standees join Star Cutouts’ existing Doctor Who line. Still available are the TARDIS, based on the current design introduced in The Ghost Monument, Paul McGann as he appeared in The Night of the Doctor, Tom Baker as seen in the Season 12 publicity photos, and the red Dalek Supreme from The Stolen Earth.

The whole range can be browsed through Star Cutouts’ page on Amazon. You can find an even more massive range of items here, including many of the Doctors and companions, and enemies like the Master (both Simm and Dhawan), Daleks, Cybermen, Sea Devils and much, more more!





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