The world of toys seems very complicated nowadays. Everything seems to crossover with everything else. There already exists the Mr. Men crossover with Doctor Who. Books exist for all thirteen Doctors. Now, Doctor Who is crossing over with another huge name toy line. Perhaps the most well-known name in toys. There is to be a limited edition Doctor Who Barbie.

This item is set to become highly collectible, because of the huge name companies involved in the crossover – BBC Studios and Mattel – but also because of the limited availability.

Pre-sale for the item opens today, October 8th available via Forbidden Planet.

Images have been released for the Thirteenth Doctor Barbie and can be seen below. They show the Doctor in what is to become her iconic outfit. Although on our screens the Doctor has only just chosen her outfit, it is already iconic with its rainbow striped T-shirt, cropped trousers and trench coat being instantly recognisable.

There is also an immense amount of detail to the product, including the characters signature braces and lace-up boots. To cap it all off, the Doctor Who Barbie comes with the Doctor’s brand new sonic screwdriver.

It’s lucky we’ve been told that there are no returning monsters this season or we could have seen this as a spoiler for an upcoming Auton episode.

Check out the picture gallery below. The product is due to be released December 1st and is priced at £54.99.



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