Millie Gibson is Ncuti Gatwa’s companion in Series Fourteen!

They’re here! We’ve hit one of the major milestones on the road to a new era of Doctor Who as we meet the Doctor’s new best friend. Live on tonight’s Children in Need telethon, they revealed Gibson as the latest companion to join the Doctor in the TARDIS. The TARDIS materialized live on stage thanks to a little TV magic before the Coronation Street actor emerged to wild applause. She joins Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor in the upcoming Series Fourteen. It’s all part of Russell T Davies’ bold new vision for the show.

The new Doctor Who star and her colleagues have been speaking to the BBC about her casting

Speaking of her new role, Millie Gibson said: “Whilst still being in total disbelief, I am beyond honoured to be cast as the Doctor’s companion. It is a gift of a role, and a dream come true, and I will do everything to try and fill the boots the fellow companions have travelled in before me. And what better way to do that than being by the fabulous Ncuti Gatwa’s side, I just can’t wait to get started.”

Ncuti Gatwa added: “Millie just is the companion. She is full of talent, strength, she has a cheeky sparkle in her eye and is sharp as a razor. From the moment she walked into the room she captured all of our attention with her effervescence and then solidified that attention with the sheer torque of her talent. This adventure is going to be so wild and so fun, I cannot WAIT to sail the universe with Millie!”

Meanwhile, showrunner Russell T Davies said: “It’s the great honour of my job to find the next generation of talent, and Millie shines like a star already. She’s brilliant, dynamic, clever and a wonderful actor. As a CORONATION STREET fan, I’ve seen Millie survive chases, guns and sieges, but that’s nothing compared to what lies ahead for Ruby Sunday.”

How long before we see the Doctor and his new companion running through the streets of Cardiff?

Millie Gibson won the role at auditions on the 24th of September, where she performed scenes with Gatwa. There may be a hint in Bad Wolf and BBC Studios have choosing to reveal the new companion now. It can only add to the recent speculation that location filming for Series Fourteen is imminent. So we can probably expect to see more of Ruby running around the streets of Cardiff and London in the coming weeks.

The announcement is also part of the long association between Doctor Who and Children in Need, extending back to the telethon’s earliest days in the 1980s. The BBC charity which adds children across the UK has changed millions of young lives. You can still contribute to this year’s event, whether by a direct donation or buying official Children in Need merchandise from their shop. Merchandise even includes special editions of their mascot Pudsey dressed as the Fourth and Eleventh Doctors!


Ncuti Gatwa (the Doctor) and Mollie Gibson (Ruby Sunday) (c) Bad Wolf/BBC Studios Doctor Who
Ncuti Gatwa (the Doctor) and Mollie Gibson (Ruby Sunday) (c) Bad Wolf/BBC Studios

Other Series Fourteen news reveals new Daleks, new directors, and a new special!

The addition of Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday to the line-up for the new Doctor Who team is the latest in a series of news about Series Fourteen this month. We’ve learned that the Daleks are getting a major design overhaul. The last major redesign was in 2010, though that was largely retired not long after to return to the 2005 version. Whether the 2023 Daleks stick around for longer, we’ll have to wait and see…

We’ve also learned that as well as the three specials previously announced for the 60th Anniversary celebration, there will be a fourth special in 2023. Details are still unclear. But it seems likely that this new special will air at Christmas and star Ncuti Gatwa and his new companion.

Meanwhile, behind the cameras, Dylan Holmes Williams has been named as the director for the first filming block of Series Fourteen. This likely includes that fourth 2023 special as part of the block. Meanwhile, long time Big Finish contributor Scott Handcock has been officially named as the new script editor on Series Fourteen. This follows him collaborating with Russell T Davies on a number of projects for Big Finish. Not least of which was being entrusted to script Part Two of Davies’ ‘lost’ 1980s story Mind of the Hodiac from Davies’ story outline.

Doctor Who returns a year for now for a whole new era

With Gibson’s Ruby aboard the TARDIS as our new Doctor’s new companion, production well underway and the TARDIS set to once more vworp vworp its way onto location, the future of Doctor Who has rarely seemed quite so exciting.


David Tennant stars in the 60th Anniversary specials. But how? (c) BBC Studios TARDIS Tenth Doctor
David Tennant stars in the 60th Anniversary specials. But how? (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who returns in November 2023 for three 60th Anniversary specials


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