2024 will have a full slate of original Doctor Who novels and short story collections


BBC Books and Penguin have announced a whole range of Doctor Who novels arriving throughout the year in different formats. These include a new trio of hardbacks in the New Series Adventures tradition, probably featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby (or at least, that’s Blogtor Who’s educated guess). There’s also the ‘Icons’ series of three books in which various Doctors meet historical celebrities. These include people such as Charles Darwin, artist Frida Kahlo and Haunting on Hill House author Shirley Jackson. The strand of books mashing up Doctor Who with classic novels continues too with Doctor Who in Wonderland from Paul Magrs. Finally, The Adventures Before… is a short story collection giving Target style preludes to a selection of fan favourite episodes.

Full details, including authors (where we know them) and release dates are below. Blogtor will keep you updated as the BBC Books team unveil covers and more details.


Unnamed by Georgia Cook, 13th June 2024

We don’t know anything at all yet about the first of this year’s New Series Adventures except that Georgia Cook is writing it and it’s out this June. Cook has written several Big Finish audio adventures, but this will be her first Doctor Who prose novel.

Unnamed by (probably) Una McCormack, 13th June 2024

Released the same day as Cook’s novel is another New Series Adventure hardback credited only to ‘UM.’ This is almost certainly popular Doctor Who author Una McCormack. If so, this would be her sixth Doctor Who novel. That’s in addition to the various short stories and audio plays she’s written.


Doctor Who in Wonderland by Paul Magrs arrives from Penguin Books in 2024
Doctor Who in Wonderland by Paul Magrs arrives from Penguin Books in July

Doctor Who in Wonderland by Paul Magrs, 25th July 2024

Doctor Who: The Adventures Before…, 3rd October 2024

Discover what happened before . . .

What did Osgood do the morning of The Day of the Doctor?

What happened to Tegan before Arc of Infinity, and why does it involve strange sentient lights in the Australia outback?

And what was the Tenth Doctor doing in a hall of mirrors, right before Planet of the Dead?

Answers to all these questions lie in an incredible collection of new Doctor Who short stories that give a glimpse into the moments just before we saw the Doctor step on screen.

From Skaro to Apalapucia, from a shop front drained of colour to Rassilon’s tomb, join a host of incredible adventures across the universe with Doctors, companions, friends and foes.


The Doctor teams up with horror author Shirley Jackson to face a haunting. Composite by Blogtor Who Doctor Who Haunting of Hill House TARDIS
The Doctor teams up with horror author Shirley Jackson to face a haunting. Composite by Blogtor Who

Doctor Who: Icons 1, 24th October 2024

When a strange signal echoes through time to the heart of the TARDIS, the Doctor follows it to the home of Shirley Jackson.

But the strangeness deepens when they find a sinister figure sowing chaos and discord with the use of a glowing box – encouraging a crowd to murderous deeds.

Catapulted back to Shirley Jackson’s own era by the TARDIS, the Doctor (with the help of the time-struck author) must discover the origins of the box, and the terrible power that it wields . . .


Doctor Who: Icons 2, 24th October 2024

The Tenth Doctor meets the constantly curious Charles Darwin in the second brand-new novella starring inspiring historical figures.

Some discoveries should never be made…

When Charles Darwin takes a break from a long sea voyage to look for shells on the Galapagos Islands, he finds two things that really shouldn’t be there. The first is a sunbathing Doctor. The second is a fresh Silurian skull . . .

When more Silurians are discovered by Darwin’s crew – alive, this time – there is pandemonium. And when the island’s volcano starts erupting, years ahead of schedule, it looks like all-out war.

The Doctor has his hands full. Can he keep Charles – and his evolutionary theory – alive?


In October the Thirteenth Doctor meets iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo Doctor Who
In October the Thirteenth Doctor meets iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

Doctor Who: Icons 3, 24th October 2024

The Thirteenth Doctor meets the illustrious artist Frida Kahlo in a brand-new novella starring inspiring characters from history.

Some art can be deadly . . .

Young Frida Kahlo is angry. Injured in a terrible accident, she lives with constant pain and worries that her dreams are unreachable.

But when the TARDIS lands in Mexico City – drawn by a strange disturbance in its energy fields – Frida’s life is turned upside down. Aliens have arrived, taking over the bodies of children and killing anyone who gets in their way.

With the fate of the Earth at stake, the Doctor and Frida must find a way to understand their alien invaders, and each other.


Unnamed by “AF”, 14th November 2024

It’s not surprising that the furthest out of this year’s books is the most mysterious. The third of the new batch of New Series Adventures will be here on the 14th of November. But as of yet there’s no title or synopsis and it’s simply credited to ‘AF.’ But one thing is certain. With all of these coming in addition to the audiobooks already announced, 2024 is going to be a bumper year for original Doctor Who fiction.


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