Toy manufacturer Character Options has announced a new Doctor Who figure range, check out the details below and click on the images for bigger versions.

Character Options is delighted to unveil the much anticipated action figure for the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor, as portrayed by Peter Capaldi (pictured left).

A great gift for fans and collectors alike, this poseable range of 3.75
inch action figures include some iconic characters from Doctor Who.
The new assortment includes favourite characters from the past and
present series, including the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth incarnation of
the Time Lord, his fiery former companion Amy Pond and two
versions of the Daleks; classic design and Asylum design (as seen in
Asylum of the Daleks).

collectors wishing to complete their line-up of Time Lords the Twelfth
Doctor can be found in two guises; in his regenerated form as seen in
the The Time of the Doctor and in his stylish new outfit which will
become more familiar as Series 8 progresses; resplendent in black
long-line jacket, waistcoat, trousers and boots.

The new series is available in stores now. Each figure costs just £6.99 and is presented on its own red Doctor Who display case (excluding Dalek figures).

Thanks to Character Options


  1. Wow. What tat is this? These 3.75" figurines are an insult to fans. The sculpts are awful compared to the 5", plus releasing older characters to make up the range smacks of a company desperate to cash in while they can. It's time the BBC stripped Character Options of the toy license and awarded it to a company that actually listens to fans and gives a damn about the product they produce. After last years 50th anniversary crap, highlighted by the cardboard play sets, it's obvious Character Options aren't making an effort.

  2. These are horrible. I've seen better fan sculpts. I agree give the licence to a company that listens to the fans.

    The big problem was that CO was making figures out of EVERYTHING ON SCREEN!! If they were more wise about their choices they might have kept with the 5" figures.


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