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New director for Series 8

Director Rachel Talalay has revealed that she is to direct two episodes of Doctor Who in the upcoming series. Known for films such as Tank Girl and Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Talalay is currently working at the University of British Columbia in Canada where the following was posted on their Film at UBC Facebook page:
“Attention “Whovians!”: Our Assistant Prof
Rachel Talalay is currently directing two episodes of BBC’s cult hit
series DR WHO! [sic] She’s says she’s “sworn to secrecy on everything to do
with the storyline… until it leaks out.” And yes, she admits to being a
huge fan and “Taking crappy selfies in the Tardis.” So jealous! More
details to come – stay tuned!”
Rachel marks the first female director since 2010’s Amy’s Choice, by Catherine Morshead. It is not currently known the writer behind the two episodes she is helming.



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