Next month sees two new audio releases from AudioGO, a Doctor Who audio book and an exclusive Torchwood adventure. Details and artwork below:

Mr Invincible

Specially written by Mark Morris, this gripping story is set after the conclusion of the most recent TV series, Miracle Day, and finds Sgt Andy dealing with a man who thinks he’s a superhero and a city plagued by time distortions. Meanwhile, Jack Harkness has his own preoccupations: a frightening premonition has made him fear for Gwen’s life… Mr Invincible is read by Tom Price, who plays Sgt Andy Davidson in the hit BBC television series, and features original sound design.
Ross Chapman is one of life’s losers. So when he survives a point-blank shooting, dons a superhero costume and becomes a crime-busting vigilante, something strange is clearly going on. And Ross’s transformation isn’t the only odd thing happening in Cardiff. Time is distorting – around the city, some people are ageing, dying and decomposing in a matter of minutes, while others are reverting to childhood. Sgt Andy Davidson knows he’s out of his depth – so when Jack Harkness sweeps into the police station, he’s glad of the help that only Torchwood can provide. But for Jack, the stakes are higher than ever. He’s seen a vision of Gwen, dead, murdered by an unknown gunman. And if he can’t solve the mystery of Mr Invincible, he can’t save her….

Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils

Whilst visiting the Master, who has been exiled to a luxurious castle prison on a small island, Doctor Who and Jo Grant learn that a number of ships have vanished in the area. Whilst investigating these mysterious disappearances, Jo and the Doctor are attacked by a Sea-Devil, one of a submarine colony distantly related to the Silurians. Soon they discover that the Sea-Devils plan to conquer the Earth and enslave humanity, aided and abetted by the Master. What can Doctor Who do to stop them?
Geoffrey Beevers, who played an incarnation of the Master in the classic BBC TV series, reads Malcolm Hulke’s complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1974.


The following month will see another exclusive Eleventh Doctor audio adventure, The Nu-Humans and audio books of The Androids of Tara (read by John Leeson) and Dark Horizons (the new Eleventh Doctor novel from JT Colgan). These three releases hit the streets on July 5.

Thanks to AudioGO

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