Well, I joked about it in THIS post but there are ‘reports’ that NEIL GAIMAN may indeed be writing for DOCTOR WHO under the stewardship of STEVEN MOFFAT. It’s a while away yet but very exciting, if true. The same article also suggests that ROB SHEARMAN, writer of 2005’s DALEK, will be back too.

DR WHO - Full Page DVD Ad


ETA: The man himself has responded on his own blog HERE to these claims.


  1. The picture is from an advert for the Series 4 Volume 1 DVD.

    It looks like it was taken during PARTNERS IN CRIME.

  2. During the podcast commentary for Partners in Crime, Tennant and Tate (TnT?) mentioned being inexplicably being set up for publicity shots while filming the Adipose conversion scene in the wee hours of the morning. They joked about getting scaffolding for the bags under their eyes.


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