Lovely writer Neil Gaiman was featured in a segment on tonight’s edition of Newsnight – watch in the player above. During he talks about The Doctor’s Wife, stating he was “incredibly happy with” it and “got 95, 96, 97%” of what he wanted. Sadly, for us, it seemed Neil was about to speak about his disappointment at Nightmare In Silver but, rather annoyingly, the interviewer decided not to listen and ask an unrelated question.

Newsnight asks: Was 80s Doctor Who “rubbish”?


  1. He answered lots of questions on Tumblr after "Nightmare in Silver" aired about stuff being cut, and how things made less sense in the final edit because of it. I'm guessing that's where he was going to go with that.

  2. "…the new one…"

    …was utterly savaged by an increasingly incompetent showrunner who needs to dial his ego back by at least half. Oh, and also leave the show as soon as humanly possible.

    Would've loved to have seen what RTD would've done with it. Rusty, come back! Gallifrey Base promises never to talk about your "gay agenda" ever again! (Yeah, right.)

    I hope Gaiman's got a few Whostories left in him for whoever the new showrunner turns out to be…

  3. I absolutely KNEW that Gaiman's original story had been torn to shreds by Moffat. Loved the Doctor's Wife though. It was charming, nostalgic and just plain fun.

    I just hope his experience with "Nightmare in Silver" doesn't shy him away from writing more Who scripts. Maybe he should wait until Moffat leaves (or is forcibly removed).

  4. I'm slightly astonished that people are being so unnecessarily harsh to Moffat on this one – cuts and issues with the final edit are not, strangely enough, entirely in his Scottish hands.

    I love how everybody overlooks the roles of other executive producers on the show, not to mention directors and editors (or even script editors, God forbid we acknowledge they exist), whether good or bad. To set the record straight, I'd just like to say here that things like this may be "overseen" by Moffat, but are not completely left for him to toy with on his own, contrary to popular opinion.

    I'm not saying he is "blameless" for whatever faults there may or may not be with Nightmare in Silver (which I personally still rather enjoyed), but please can those who fail to grasp the multifaceted nature of television production stop bashing Moffat of everything they deem not to have worked?

  5. I've never really understood the accolades surrounding Russell T. Davies. Not going to say he was terrible, but some of his scripts.. or rather, many of his scripts. .. just make me cringe. Whereas Moffat… even in the Eccleston/Tennant era. .. had some of the best stories penned. I mean Davies gave us the Slitheen, and Moffat gave us the Weeping Angels. Sure, he revived the series, and he had his glowing moments but it was getting tired by the end… after four seasons… so yes, the time is coming for another head writer but no need to trash Moffat… who has another excellent series under his belt in Sherlock.


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