The official site has updated with an interview with the writer of The Doctor’s Wife, Neil Gaiman – see them in the players included. Check out Cult Box who have an interview with Suranne Jones who stars in the episode – read it HERE.

Blue Peter – Behind~the~scenes & clip
The Doctor’s Wife – more promo pics
The Doctor’s Wife – SPOILER~FREE review
The Doctor’s Wife – 10 Hints
The Doctor’s Wife – 10 Teasers


  1. Great interviews. Brief. Gives nothing away. Thank you Neil Gaiman. };-{)> I am greatly looking forward to this episode… Question, what is the music that plays while Neil is talking… I know this from somewhere…

  2. In Suranne Jones' interview she reveals massive spoilers about the episode that, although the editor of the article tried to conceal them, are pretty obvious. You may want to place a warning besides the link. 😡


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