Ncuti Gatwa continues his path towards world domination, as he enjoys a frenetic summer ahead of his Doctor Who debut

Ncuti Gatwa is the cover star of this month’s Rolling Stone UK magazine and in a far ranging interview he discusses the upcoming Barbie, the final season of Sex Education and, of course, Doctor Who. We already knew from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine that not only is Series 14 nearing the end of filming, but writing is well underway for Series 15. And, if there’d been any doubt, Gatwa has now confirmed that, yes, he’ll still be at the controls of the TARDIS for a second series.

Though he does suggest that he then hopes to return to theatre acting for a while after that. So when we can expect to see Series 16, and who’ll be the Doctor when we do, is still unclear for now. But how remarkable is it that we can even talk about new Doctor Who airing twenty years on from the revival as a near certainty?

The actor also discussed the Fifteenth Doctor’s many costumes. His own original inspiration came from last year’s Ralph Lauren collection celebrating America’s Historically Black Colleges. But it was then that he learned of the ambitious plans to, for the first time, give the Time Lord completely new looks for every story.

“The Doctor has travelled all of time and space,” says Gatwa,  “they’re going to have a sick wardrobe.” Meanwhile, of his predecessors, Gatwa singles out the Third Doctor as his pick for best dressed. “I love Jon Pertwee’s […] outfits. Lovely velvet jackets and frilly shirts. I feel a connection to him, our Doctors are the only two who dress like sluts,” he laughs.


The TARDIS went pink (again!) to mark the premiere of Barbie (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who
The TARDIS went pink (again!) to mark the premiere of Barbie (c) BBC Studios

Barbie arrives in UK cinemas next Friday, with even the TARDIS getting in on the plastic fantastic life

Ncuti Gatwa grew up in Scotland following his family’s escape from the Rwandan genocide when he was a small child. And he tells Rolling Stone that parallel with the Doctor inspired him to pursue the role. “This person survived a genocide,” he notes. “This person fits in everywhere and nowhere. I am the Doctor. The Doctor is me. I decided that I had to get this role.”

The actor also describes his “sleepless nights” waiting to see how his Doctor is received. But with his supernova levels of charisma, effortless charm, and astonishing talent, it seems unlikely Gatwa has much to worry about.

In the meantime, we can look forward to seeing him in Barbie, which opens in cinemas next Friday. He plays one of the many Kens living in Barbie-World, alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, in director Greta Gerwing’s affection subversion of the world’s most famous doll. And to mark their star’s big screen success, BBC Studios painted the TARDIS Barbie pink and set it down by Tower Bridge this week! It’s since vworped vworped its way to Television Centre, so if you’re quick you may be able to visit it for yourself. (Theories that it signalled an imminent release for Season 25, which featured a pink TARDIS for Sylvester McCoy, proved wrong, sadly.)


The August/September issue of Rolling Stone UK is out now. Photograph by William Arcand for Rolling Stone UK Doctor Who Fifteenth Doctor Ncuti Gatwa
The August/September issue of Rolling Stone UK is out now. Photograph by William Arcand for Rolling Stone UK

You can read the full Rolling Stone interview for lots more discussion of Doctor Who and Ncuti Gatwa’s other projects here, as well as in the new issue Rolling Stone UK in newsagents now.



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