Released later this month from 2|entertain is Myths & Legends – a DVD box set featuring three ‘classic’ Doctor Who stories. See the full details below and click on the pics for bigger versions.

The Time Monster

• Commentary – with actors John Levene and Susan Penhaligon, producer Barry Letts, production assistant Marion McDougall, modern British television writers Graham Duff, Phil Ford, Joe Lidster and James Moran, moderated by Toby Hadoke.
• Between Now… and Now! – Professor Jim Al Khalili looks at the science behind The Time Monster. With producer Barry Letts, actors Katy Manning and Richard Franklin.
• Restoration Comparison – a brief ‘before and after’ comparison of the picture restoration process


• Commentary – with actors Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and co-writer Bob Baker.

• Into the Unknown – a look at the complex production of this story, with particular emphasis on the reasons for, and difficulties in achieving, the bluescreen virtual studio sets. With script editor Anthony Read, writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, actors Jonathan Newth and Norman Tipton, designer Dick Coles and video effects designer AJ ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, with rare convention footage of producer Graham Williams.
• Underworld – In Studio – using timecoded Shibaden and U-matic video recordings, we are given a rare glimpse inside the studio during the recording of this story, much of which involved the use of bluescreen virtual studio techniques.

The Horns of Nimon

• Commentary – with actors Lalla Ward, Janet Ellis, Graham Crowden and writer Anthony Read.
• Who Peter – Partners in Time – since the birth of Doctor Who in the sixties, it has shared an almost symbiotic relationship with the long-running BBC children’s magazine show Blue Peter. In this special documentary, some of those involved look back over the history of that relationship.
• Read the Writer – Anthony Read, writer of The Horns of Nimon, looks back at the production of the story.
• Peter Howell Music Demos – in 1980, incoming producer John Nathan-Turner asked Radiophonic Workshop composers for demos of their music over the beginning of episode two of The Horns of Nimon. Only Peter Howell’s demo is known to exist and is presented here.

Each disc also includes:

• Photo Gallery
• Coming Soon
• PDF Material – Radio Times in Adobe pdf format for viewing on PC or Mac.
• Programme Subtitles
• Subtitle Production Notes

Myths & Legends hits the streets on March 29 with an RRP of £49.99

Thanks to 2|entertain


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