Earlier this evening CBBC broadcast My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, including the thoughts of Matt Smith, David Tennant, Russell T Davies, John Barromwan, Katy Manning and the cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures. See both parts in the players included here.

Elisabeth Sladen: 1948-2011
Round~up of tributes
Tribute from David Tennant

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  1. Thanks for this, what a great tribute. So glad they showed this alongside tonight's premier – Lis Sladen was a talented & classy lady. She'll be missed by so many, young & old.

    This touched me too – someone tweeted about this tribute and then this young fan who is raising money for cancer in Elisabeth Sladen's memory http://bit.ly/esXCV1

  2. I just watched this with my 2 grand daughters, ages 5 and 7, as well as my husband. We haven't seen the newest episode yet, as we are in the US, but this was a must see. Thank you, for one last chance to see Lis at her finest. She will be sorely missed in this household, as well as many others

  3. Thank you for this. We just got done watching with our 2 grand daughters, ages 5 and 7, and this was beautifully done. Lis was the measure by which we compared all the other companions, and the world of the Doctor is a sadder place this week.

  4. I began my career at Capital Radio whilst studying for a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research. My time in Britain, October 1973 to May 1976, exactly coincided with Elisabeth Sladen's original role as Sarah Jane during those years. I was one-year older than she, and like dozens (if not hundreds) of men of my age at that time I was madly in love with Sarah Jane. When she reappeared in the Dr. Who episode School Reunion a couple of years ago, I was literally moved to tears by my memories of both her and myself at that young age, deep emotions that just welled up when seeing her again. My most heartfelt condolences go to Brian and Sadie. Their loss is incalculably greater than mine, but I write this note, again, with uncontrolled tears on learning of her passing. The tribute, seen only online here in the US, has reopened the grieving that won't soon pass for such a wondeful woman.

  5. When Lis reappeared as Sarah in School Reunion I thought "Damn she's still good looking" In watching the tribute I realized that there was that something about her voice, the way she spoke, that may have impacted me more than that cute face so many years ago. Yes I am 50 and I watched the Sarah Jane Adventures and loved that show. Yes, I too cried, and there are VERY few celebrities passing that have affected me. This, and I'm a Yankee as well. To her family, friends and Great Britain, peace and strength as you mourn.

  6. These videos were a fine piece of work!
    Where I live in the U.S., we didn't get the Doctor until the early 80's, starting with Tom Baker's "Giant Robot". Later, the station jumped back and played many of the earlier episodes that we had not yet seen.
    I have yet to see a companion as impressive as Ms. Sladen.

    To Brian and Sadie, my humble condolences on your untimely loss.

  7. Elisabeth was truly a marvelous actress and brought Sarah Jane to life with such passion that made us feel like we were right along with her on her many adventures.

    RIP Elisabeth Sladen, you will be missed .

  8. Nearly 30 years ago, I met Lis and Jon Pertwee at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. They were both as larger-than-life in person as they were on the "small screen." The fans gave them such an overwhelming ovation that we've heard through one of the moderators that she was moved to tears. Now I'm wiping a few tears from my face after watching this wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady who is deeply missed. I wish The Third Doctor and Sarah all the best and I hope that they're having more exciting adventures!


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