A few weeks ago we brought you news of an exciting new Museum of Classic Sci-Fi due to open this year. Now a Kickstarter campaign has begun to make the museum a reality. Curator of the Museum Neil Cole has brought the project a long way already but to open this new attraction in August 2018 requires some financial help. This will ensure some relics from the classic era of Doctor Who are displayed for future generations to enjoy.

Situated in the village of Allendale in the North Pennines of Northumberland, the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi will be a reflection of the science fiction genre. Doctor Who will of course have a significant presence. Over the past 3 years Neil Cole has converted a damp, flooded cellar in a Grade 2 listed Georgian townhouse into a museum worthy of housing some very precious exhibits. Doctor Who related items in the Museum will include a Cyberman, a Terileptil, the Garm and many more. Some of these are relics from the old Blackpool, Longleat and Llangollen exhibitions.

Museum of Classic Sci-Fi

Preservation and Visitor Experience

Time has not been kind to some of these creations, leaving them very fragile. These alien costumes have been carefully restored to their former glory by Neil and are ready for display. However to assist with their long-term preservation a heating system needs to be installed. This will ensure a consistent temperature is maintained for the collection and for the comfort of visitors. The visitor experience is also important and one of the other needs is a safe and even wooden floor for visitors to move around the museum. Therefore support from backers on Kickstarter will contribute towards delivering;

  • A bespoke wooden floor
  • Installation of a heating system
  • Safety glass to complete the displays
  • Construction of a pathway leading to the museum entrance
  • Signage

Backers can contribute to the project from as little as £10 with every contribution vital to reach the £5,000 target. Additionally, a number of rewards are available depending on the amount pledged. These include;

  • Framed, screen-used Monster Piece: ‘Garm’
  • Framed, screen-used Monster Piece: ‘Terrileptil’
  • Original artwork
  • Dedicated Artefact Plaque in the museum
  • E-copy of Plaque Artwork
  • Name on Main Museum Donor Plaque
  • Name printed in Museum Guidebook
  • Limited Edition Art Cards
  • Free entry tickets and ‘Lifelong Membership’

To support the project or for more information check out the Kickstarter page



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