In the latest edition of the DWO WhoCast – The Doctor Who Podcast, composer Murray Gold has exclusively revealed that Doctor Who Series 9 will feature a song written by him. Speaking to host Cameron K McEwan, Gold said:

“I’ve already started on episode three. I’ve seen episode three so far and I’ve written a song for another episode.

A song – there’s some people playing instruments in the background and they’re singing stuff. They need a song. So that’s always fun!”

The composer, who has written for the show since its return in 2005 added that he’s, “currently working on multiple episodes.” Doctor Who Series 9 starts in the autumn. In the interview, Murray also chats about his time working on Series 1 and discusses his favourite moments. Check out the interview HERE or in the player below.

Part 2 of the interview, released on April 23 features Murray Gold discussing Series 8, Frank Skinner a new album and the upcoming UK tour for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular. Visit the DWO WhoCast website to keep up to date.


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