Composer Murray Gold has been talking to Film Music about Doctor Who and has revealed that not everyone was a fan of his fantastic theme, I Am The Doctor. You can listen to the full interview HERE. Discussing the first episode of Series Five, The Eleventh Hour, Gold said:
“I remember the director saying, *sings part of the tune*, ‘I don’t like that bit, get rid of it.’ And I just said no. He says, ‘I don’t like it, what is it woodwind? I don’t like that.’ This is what happens a lot of the time in my job.”
The director of the episode in question was Adam Smith who, perhaps coincidentally, hasn’t worked on Doctor Who again to date. Smith also directed The Time Angels/Flesh & Stone, though this was filmed before The Eleventh Hour. You can listen to the full interview on Film Music HERE where Murray Gold chats extensively about his time on Doctor Who.

Thanks to Angela Garrod for the heads up.

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  1. I don't like it either. Too bombastic and "triumphant" for my liking. I don't know, because it too busy being "hero music" I thought it didn't have enough soul or even a good melody. Although as I understand it, I'm in the minority. 🙂

  2. Perhaps it's a bit unfair to link Adam Smiths lack of further stories to his musical taste, as he did such a great job on all these three episodes.

  3. Derek

    I was merely posting a fact. I did leave out the fact that he hasn't worked on television since.

    As a director his musical "taste" doesn't come into it. In any case, Murray's decision to fight for the song was the correct one.

  4. Hi Cameron,
    It's okay, we're on the same side – I love I Am The Doctor, and I'm also very glad that Adam has clearly lost that argument.

    Guess I just read a bit too much into it.

  5. The director has the right idea. The song is Murray's worst. Just bombastic fluff that drowns out everything, instead of enhancing it. Murray hasn't produced anything original or substantial since Tennant's last season. He's been on auto-GONE WITH THE WIND-pilot ever since. I wish he would have moved on by now. I'd love to hear other people's music, rather than the same old stuff over and over and over.

  6. You just have zero tact, publishing the directors name. As someone who calls themselves an actor, you should show some class, instead you crave more attention. Murray did the right thing and left his name out for a reason. What a jerk this blogger is.

  7. LOL @ Cameron's response! 😉

    Listen ankle-biters, if you have something bad to say, try logging in or naming yourself. Anonymous bitching is the height of cowardice. Get a backbone or get out, bottom-feeders.

  8. Wrong again Cameron. You are simply one of the shittiest Who fans on the internet. Arrogant, talentless, classless, and useless. Its a shame someone else couldn't get the name, as that is the only good thing your hack ass blog has going for it. You are pathetic.


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