Murray Gold has revealed that he has composed a special “birthday” song for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and will premiere at the Doctor Who Proms this weekend. Speaking to Mark Lawson on the BBC Radio 4 show Front Row, Gold described the track, Song For Fifty:
“We thought it would be appropriate to write something to commemorate the birthdays; essentially ‘Happy Birthday’ to a lovely television show. I think the last words are ‘Happy Birthday Doctor You’, which I’m sure the whole audience is gonna mishear and say, ‘You must never call him by that name’! I wrote this long song to speak for everybody in that room [Royal Albert Hall].”
Listen to the full interview HERE.
Read more about this year’s Doctor Who Proms HERE.


  1. Murray Gold has usually done right by me with his songs, but I really, really, really hope that's not the last line. Sounds like a bad filksong.

  2. The song for 50th is really awful. I think it's about time someone fired Murray Gold. His trad but cheap compositions lack verve and experimentation, making a mockery of the Radiophonic Workshop and the reputation of Doctor Who music in general. Yeah, the 80's music was pretty dire in spaces, but nothing as bombastically bad as the Akhatan 'song' (oh, the memories! Not) and now this 50th 'song'. Someone's getting overpaid and overused.


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